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Stop biting nails Alex!

Asked by GoldenDaysAreBest (75points) November 30th, 2012

how do i stopppppp

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I wish I knew. I’ve had this bad habit since I was about 6. I don’t care for psychoanalysis much at all, but I do seem to have an oral fixation. I find that the only time my nails grow out properly is if I am not stressed at all, which happens for about a 1 week period once a year, haha.

Maybe you could try putting some lotion on your fingertips so that they taste bad? Do you chew gum? If not, maybe you could start doing that to distract yourself. Hopefully someone else will have a better remedy…

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@bookish1 ahahhaaa thats gonna be hard trying not to stress out…xD but yeaa thats sound pretty good xD

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This article claims to have 10 ways to stop biting your nails.

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