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Help me stop biting my nails!

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) January 11th, 2011 from iPhone

So far, I haven’t bitten them in a month. And they’re looking strong and long. I’ve quit before but I always end up picking at them or biting them. Usually, I’d paint them so I wouldn’t want to mess up them being pretty, but I’m not allowed to have painted nails at work! Any nail biting jellies break their bad habit and now have long, sharp claws? Help! Help!

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@noelleptc you can’t wear any polish? Not even clear? I love the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish. (My sister used to drink Knox gelatin to keep her nails strong.) Have you tried that Control-It stuff you put on your nails and it taste horrible?

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Bite mine instead!!!

I used to have this problem. I would chew my nails to the quick, and it was painful and unsightly. I began having acrylic nails put on, since I really couldn’t bite those. Are you allowed to have unpainted false nails? They have solar nails and other types, I believe, that don’t require any polish.

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Can’t wear nail polish in the food industry… I remember those days! If I couldn’t paint them, I’d file them nicely.
Now I just keep ‘em painted so I won’t bite them. I wish I had a better tip for you :(

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If you can afford it, why not go get a manicure and just have them buffed? That way they’ll be pretty but you won’t have to worry about polish.

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Carry some mints or hard candy, like quitting smoking.

Something to help with your oral fixation. haha

Huh, I’ve never heard of not being allowed to wear nail polish at work, Go figure.

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I was going to say that I quit biting my nails by keeping them polished. What about that stuff that tastes icky when you put it on your nails?

You could always buy a low shine, clear topcoat. No one has to know that it is on there, but you.

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Don’t let them get that long – they’re more likely to break or for you to be all “hmm, i can bite this a little and it’ll still be long!” Try the yucky stuff… it’s worth the gag, that’s the point.

I get manicures weekly (like to the day) because if I don’t, I bite. I second @Seelix‘s answer to get a manicure and just have them buffed. It’s worth the few bucks for your nails to look good

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Man. I smoke AND bite my nails. I feel like that says something about me that I didn’t know before this thread.

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@noelleptc: baby steps! keep them at a length you can maintain until you stop biting completely

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Clear nailpolish. Painted nails don’t tear easily. Also, figure out when you do it. Are you bored, nervous, angry? If you become more awareof the possible emotional connection, then maybe being aware will make you less likely to do it. Or, figure out a new habit to replace it with.

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Unpainted nails are not likely to grow very long by the way, because they are much weaker. Also, as soon as they pass the tip, file the sides so the nail is more rounded. If you keep them square, it is easy to grab the side and tear them across. It is only 2 weeks to have “long” nails.

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Ha! My parents tried that icky nail stuff on me when I was a kid to get me to stop sucking my thumb. Problem was, I (oddly) kind of liked the taste!

I’ve been a nail biter myself. If you can get through the initial hard part, it gets easier. In my experience, when my nails start to get strong, biting them becomes kind of icky because it feels like I’m gonna break a tooth!

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I stopped by clipping them once they started getting long. Also, if I start to bite them I give myself a quick slap.

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Everytime you start to bite, think you are biting your worse enemy’s arse! That should do it.

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