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Thoughts on women in American football?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 30th, 2012

Women have penetrated almost every other sport. Why not this one?
Football is possibly more American then apple pie or baseball. But to my knowledge women have given this sport a wide berth. Why in your opinion is that?

Which would be a bigger step for women in the climb to equality a woman President or a football team?

Would you like to see a woman football team or game?

Any other assorted thoughts or questions on this topic?

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Hmm… if they’re theoretical, would the scores and penalties be theoretical as well? Would they have theoretical male cheerleaders?

Hey, forget the “Lingerie Bowl” ads (for what? Victoria’s Secret or Budweiser beer?) at the Super Bowl. They could theoretically play naked.

I think this question may require some theoretical detail.

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I think there’s peer-reviewed proof that theoretical women play football better than hypothetical women do.

However, once a hypothetical woman has proven that she can play American football, then she deserves to play with theoretical women.

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Real Answer: If a woman can hack it and survive… go for it! Chances are, however, that she would be crushed into powder.

Not Real Answer: Well I was going to do something witty and whimsical but @Brian1946 already answered perfectly.

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I wonder what a theoretical woman is.

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I remember years ago there was a woman in the nfl, I can’t remember if she was a kicker or a holder. But I do remember some big oaf taking her out (and getting a penalty because the play was over and it was unnecessary). His reason for doing it was because he was out there trying to make a living and this woman was just playing at it. I thought that was a pretty funny thing to say when you’re making your living running around a field in tights chasing a ball???

The lingerie league makes me sad. Some of those women are good athletes, it is a shame they make fools of themselves running around in their skimpy underwear. The men who watch are not doing so because they enjoy the sport, they are voyeurs, perving on the semi naked women.

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What’s a theoretical woman?

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@digitalimpression True that a woman in the men’s league wouldn’t last long but if there was a women’s league, they’d be no more likely to be crushed to powder than men. I was watching womens’ rugby on TV this afternoon (England v NZ – we thrashed ‘em) and damn, some of those women are more masculine than I am.

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Are you kidding? I love it!

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If she’s butch enough to tackle and be tackled, I say bring it on! They are already letting some young women join high school teams as kickers and whatnot.

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So I had been far too long when I asked this question. But I love every one’s humor.

Can’t believe there is a Lingerie Football League. Of a it was founded by a male. If that is the only way women can make it yet is a woman really marketing themselves that way? Porn or sex has been cutting edge in technology why not in football?

We do have coed rugby team here. It is just for fun but it can be rough.

I know women can handle it. Some of them at least. Some men couldn’t hack it either.

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Here is a collection of videos of “Lingerie Football” for your amusement.

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^^ We are not amused.

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Meh, I haven’t watched them myself (not that I don’t like pretty girls being active in skimpy lingerie, because I do), but I figure they’re all consenting adults. They can do as they like, within reason. I prefer all of that to most of what government does, so perhaps we’re almost even.

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I feel so sorry for those women, it is such a disgrace that their parents and society in general has not made them realize that they are worth more than parading around for the titillation of males who would probably be up in arms if it were their daughters, sisters or mothers out there.

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It’s a tough one is this a foot in the door? And why is this the most provocative things I’ve ever seen on YouTube?
Also man, those guys have no padding and are getting tackled any way you slice it that is tough.

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@gailcalled Believe it or not, it’s actually a legitimate sport and they take themselves very seriously.

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Such irony for a city that used to have two Superbowl teams: the only pro football team now in this area is the Los Angeles Temptation. ;-o

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Women have given berth to football for the same reason they keep the olympics segragated, the male human, when compared apples to apples, carries significantly more upper body mass and strength.

I recommend looking up the olympic games and researching the results. Most women gold medalists rank in the lower half of the male competitors.

I think the reason a women’s football league of such proportion hasn’t been assembled is because they would only garnish a fragment of the male and female audience. Lingerie interests the rest of the males that would have no interest in the actual event. And though I agree many women and men, by number, not percentage, would watch, it wouldn’t be enough to generate worthwhile profit… same reason TV shows fail, not enough followers.

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