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Anyone heard from Grisaille?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9770points) December 4th, 2012

I know that we’re not supposed to ask about jellies, but, man, I would love to know. Seems as though he dropped off the face of the earth.

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Gee – haven’t heard anything about him in years.

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Same answer as the penguin unfortunately. I liked him quite a bit.

And I won’t name names, but I have a list of former jellies who I wish I knew where they were.

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I hope that he’s okay. You know?

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I was just thinking this a few weeks ago! Last time I heard from him, he was talking the military though…

@cookieman I miss PnL : (

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I thought he was in the tidepool on facebook but I just checked and he isn’t.

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I wonder about Cak too.

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Okay, well if we’re naming names…

I agree with you @cheebdragon about @PnL and I worry that @Cak and @whatthefluther are no longer with us. I really hope I’m wrong @Judi.

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I miss Grisaille an awful lot. Just a couple of weeks ago I went looking for his blog that I once subscribed to and it was gone. Gone from Facebook and MySpace too. I really like that guy.

I miss Cak, Kevbo, Naked Homer, and Gary too.

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How about @bythebay and @Eponymoushipster?

memories, all alone in the moonlight…

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tennesseejac and jeffgoldblumsprivates :’(

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I miss ANef_is_Enuf. She was a Cornucopia of great questions.

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@SuperMouse I was just thinking about Gary literally yesterday! He was awesome, I miss him. Grisaille was a cool dude too.

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I’m going back a bit, but I really miss both Harp and Seesul.

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Never heard of him, BoBo & triple lucy i’d welcome back though.

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I miss Matt and I noticed that Qashqai hasn’t been here since August as well..

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Isn’t there a Harple? Is that the same as Harp?

There were a bunch of old Jellies that are no longer around. Sometimes if you look at ancient threads (ancient meaning 4 or 5 years old) you’ll see people with high lurve (for that time) and they’re not around any more.

I used to have a big Fluther crush on Kevbo when I first joined. Nothing specific, I think I just had a crush on his brain.

Grisaille lived (I think) in NYC. I, too, miss PnL and some others. Naked Homer is on FB for those in the know.

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