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Are fluthers hierarchical?

Asked by CyanoticWasp (20087points) December 19th, 2009

I was looking at my fluther a few minutes ago and wondering about its organization, when it hit me… this is arranged by lurve, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not alphabetical, and doesn’t seem to be arranged strictly chronologically (which had been my first thought, as most of the new jellies I add end up at the bottom of the fluther). But then I took another look at who’s on top.

So I’m wondering if I got it right: Are all of the fluthers arranged so that the jellies with the most lurve appear first / top?

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I actually think it’s arranged by the date the person joined. That’s just my theory.

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[mod says] @casheroo and @jonsblond are correct. It is by order of date joined (which naturally does tend to correlate to lurve).

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Yep! I just checked it out, CW. My last 9 friends are listed according to their fluther registration date.

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I was wondering the same thing earlier…great minds think alike. I just wish I had one.

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Thanks to all. I guess now I can rest in peace.

Sleep, I mean. Perchance to wake…

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@augustlan wrote: “It is by order of date joined (which naturally does tend to correlate to lurve)” This is true so long as you are not a founder. Founders are too busy running the site to lurve up. Sad huh?

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the way I figured it out was from a question we had on here, sort of like a scavenger hunt…and I couldn’t figure out how to find someone with the same join date as me..but then I figured it out lol

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Aww! That IS kinda sad. I hope they love what they do, instead of feeling like it is a burden. That would make it worth it :)

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I have been wondering about this forever thanks for the info

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@phillis Oh, they do. It’s a labor of lurve. ;)

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@Dog Why sad? At first I thought it was really strange that they were so-called one of the fluther and actually had to “gain” lurve – and later on awards when they were installed. Now I realise it’s part of the niceness of the whole thing – means they are just like everyone else – of course they can read our PM’s and ban people – but otherwise just like everyone else. I think its cool.

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When I first looked at it, my guess was a seniority system. Thanks @augustlan for confirming that.

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Since over 150 of us “pulled the big orange lever” at AB simultaneously on 11DEC09, our seniority may be only separated by minutes

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I should really get my script working. It shows you who has added you and who you haven’t added.

Still having a problem with eRuby. I might rewrite in PHP.

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@Zen_Again It’s like being a good police officer, a member of the community with additional duties.

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Well, how about that. Good to know.

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yes, I guess is arranged by your join date the by your lurve, the founders and astrochuck are at the top of the mountain :D

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GQ, I was just thinking about this the other day. I actually thought that Bendrew had written a code that would always make them at the top of everyones Fluther, because they always are. That explains that.

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@Dog not true. The last 2 on my fluther and Ben and Andrew.

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@anartist They changed it up, they aren’t in order as they used to be.

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Yes. They’re fascists.

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