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Does a dog's single blinking, nodding and staring mean anything?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 5th, 2012

Our neighbor’s very cute one year old Labrador retriever gives me a single blink whenever I wave at him. Sometimes I’ll be standing there and he would do a single nod. I’d like to think he is saying hi. There’s also a lot of staring contest between us and I usually lose because I needed to do something. He just hangs out. Am I right? Thanks.

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If it’s a bitch it means she likes cock!

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Touche. You’re still thinking about that question are you?

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Wasn’t that a cartoon turtle?
Every time I see your name I think, “what a cock!” :¬)

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Oh yes. It means something. However, I shall leave it to you to decide what.

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Staring means aggression, and blinking means relaxed usually. So since the pup is so young, he’s probably just saying “Hi, I’m not aggressive”

Next time instead of staring, make brief eye contact and blink yourself to see what he does. Or get down on all fours and shake your rump with your chest towards the ground, that means you want to play.

There’s a great book called Rosetta Stone about non-verbal dog communication, it’s really good.

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He’s looking back at you, to see you looking back at him.

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And if he only blinks with one eye, then that probably means something completely different again.

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A blink and a nod is to let you know he has his eyes on you and he is wise to you.
Or he just likes you.

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Sorry I double answered by accident my PC is acting up :/

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I think he’s just watching and trying to figure you out and trying to figure out how to bond with you. Most Labradors are not aggressive by nature and love humans and contact, they usually even sleep on their back because they are pretty confident in their own skin, mine sleep on their backs, jowls hanging upside down, teeth showing and all, just like the pic! lol. I have 2. Next time maybe you should go up to the dog and let him/her sniff you, that is friendly for them.

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You make it sounds as if he is in a trance or having a seizure. Do you think it is unnatural behaviour? I can’t tell from your question. If it is a trance like condition, I would have him checked, epilepsy is not uncommon, doesn’t usually manifest in puppies, but there are no absolutes.

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@rooeytoo No I did not mean to do that. He is a normal and a sweet dog. He is just left on the porch most of the time. His owners never walk him but he has access to a very big, securely fenced, full of trees yard all around the house. Guess he just have all the time in the world to win staring contests. : )

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@mazingerz88 – I get you, a porch dog, similar to a yard dog, I never understand why people would want one. I have sofa dogs, bed dogs, this is my house but you can come in and share dogs!

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Oh Lord, I had to get a King bed so the dogs could fit w/o squishing me, lazy buggers.

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The dog doesn’t get walks :/
If you have free time I think you should offer up to your neighbor that you will take their dog for a walk for free then you could also bond with the dog! Kills 2 birds with one stone so to speak :D

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