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If you could learn one other language, what would it be, and why?

Asked by yannick (985points) June 7th, 2008

There are so many languages I want to learn, but I think that if I could only learn one, it’d have to be spanish. I love the sound of it. I should probably say something like chinese because it’d probably be the most useful, but it doesn’t appeal to me.

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My grandfather always told me to learn Spanish because one of these days the Mexicans will pretty much run this country with their cheap effective work force and seemingly endless supply. Now for me personally, I am learning it only because I live in San Antonio and it would be very helpful for everyday use, plus how cool is it when a white person bursts out at a Mexican restaurant, Voy a tener una orden de fajitas de carne con tortillas de harina?

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Spanish so I could talk to ALL the people that work in my restaurant….

and I could figure out what they’re saying about me.

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Icelandic. Iceland is my favorite place I have ever been to. And I would like to hit on girls in their native tongue.

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I would like to learn French fluently (working on that) and someday take a jab at Japanese because it’s so beautiful.

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I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese – the writing is lovely and the idea of having all those different alphabets is just really cool! Plus I could watch more anime without subtitles :)

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Mandarin, i can see it coming in handy; Besides Asia is AWESOME!!!

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I want to learn Swedish, Sweden is a country where I want to live, and I hope to make my training course during my studies here, to have a first viision of this country and its inhabitant. But fisrt I have to speak a better english, better spoken in Sweden than in France.

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Heh, nice to see others who really like the Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Sweden hehe, I’ve always wanted to visit those places but have never had the chance sadly, maybe in the future :) As for learning a language mhmm, that’s a difficult one seeing as there are a number of countries I quite like then there’s the practical side of things ;) oh man, German or Russian I guess (then I’d want to learn more heh)

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@mcbealer – How are you doing with the French? I’d say it’s a really good language to learn – at least in terms of european languages – because it makes other european languages more accessible. The grammar is a killer though. But the other day, I was watching the Spanish news (don’t ask why) and for a few minutes, I honestly thought they were speaking French, and I understood what they were saying, which was pretty cool (I’m fluent in French).

And yeah, Japanese has always been another language I really like. I’m going to Japan in December so I’ll be able to suss it out a bit… haha. @myssa – Watching anime without the terrible dubbing would definitely be a plus!

@mulot – where are you from?

@skyrail- You’re right, actually learning the language is never easy. That’s why the one plus of being a savant would be that you could learn a language in like, a week..!

*On a side note, sorry to all for saying ‘chinese’ in the description, I should really have said Mandarin. Silly me…

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@yannick or Cantonese…

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@joe – of course. But I meant to say Mandarin in the question.

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@yannick I was never good with languages in school but I’d love to learn one as I feel so lazy just knowing English. Many other countries push people to learn English in education and they learn it and I admire people’s abilities to pick up languages and hold decent conversations with others of native tongue :)

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whatever language they speak at nail salons. i work next to one and i know they always talk smack in their language… not trying to be ignorant by not knowing what they speak but i want to say vietnamese

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German. No reason, but that I would like to be able to speak German.

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Hebrew/Aramaic , because it’s cool written and spoken too. I would understand ancient scriptures more and live in the acient lands of those scriptures .

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Spanish. My neighborhood in NY is mostly Dominican/Puerto Rican.

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@jam..most likely Vietnamese. As for me, Gaelic. I love the music and the way it sounds.

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Spanish, so I won’t have to press 1 for English anymore. And French, because I think it is a beautiful language.

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English definitely.. I’m on my way, its the one that I need right now.. I’m Mexican, and dont want people to say “this Mexican doesn’t even try to learn English” I’m trying very hard…

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Darn my Dad! He is from the generation that came to America and were proud to be Americans. Perhaps that was his way of thinking? Lived the “American dream”. He came here from Finland with $200 in his pocket and retired at the age of 50…AMAZING to me! I now live in a neighborhood with a lot of Europeans who are teaching their children their native language and I have to say, I am sort of angry at my Dad. I wish I could speak Swedish to be able to converse with my very large family over in Finland. He’s a Swedish Finn, btw.

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2late2be: you might not be able to speak English but you write it very well. Would have never known you were Mexican. Keep up the good work!

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@2late2be, I agree with thebeadholder. You are doing a great job!

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Spanish. It’s rapidly becoming a necessity in my part of the country (NC).

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Although I’d really love to learn something else I’m going to go with Spanish. I’ve already taken classes for many years but my teachers (no joke) sat at their desks and didn’t teach us which doesn’t help me learn especially when I’m horrible at foreign languages. I even had a teacher do his own homework (he was taking classes at a local college) while we sat and played cards every day. Uggghhh.
And it’d be nice to know spanish since I’ll be working in hospitals.

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I would love to learn Latin. It is the root of many languages, and I think it would help tremendously in my (medical) studies. Plus, maybe its just me, but as soon as I meet someone who knows latin, i think to myself “wow what a learned person!”.

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nice lurve, pnl. LOL

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thank you :). i am enjoying it myself !

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will it discourage people from giving you more andmessing up the amount?

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haha I wouldn’t be surprised. I know when Bri_L had 1111, I was very tempted to not disturb that amount at all. I wouldn’t mind having it a couple of days, but then eventually I would have to wonder ”WHERE IS THE LURVE??

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Espanol…I just want to pass my spanish class

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@ yannick ~ I am listening to a Pimsleur CD set I got from the library, put it on my iPod shuffle. I studied French for 3 years in high school, but wasn’t serious about it and wasn’t never confident with my pronounciation. I agree with you, the grammar is a bit tricky.

Spanish is my native language, and yes, there are many words which are similar in French due to the Latin roots these languages share.

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@yannick : I come from France, then if you want to speak with me, no problem ! I don’t know how strangers can learn french. Even for me (french person), at almost 20, I make awfull mistakes, and grammar is really borring sometimes.

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@ yannick and mulot ~ maybe we could form a French Flutherites pool?

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@mcbealer : Could be a great idea !

Not to flood : I’ve still got 1 week of work for my training course, 5 days after this to prepare my report and my oral presentation. After this I decided to begin learning Swedish by my own (to begin with internet courses, maybe if I like it very much, take private session, dunno yet) (if other peoples here are interested to learn swedish too, we can share our experiences and courses)

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I would love to learn the Japanese love the calligraphy.:)

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@mcbealer – I agree, sounds like a good idea to me! And you’re right about the latin. I learnt a bit a couple of years ago and there are many similarities.

@mulot – Yes, the written part can get really tedious and difficult at times, especially for me, living in an english-speaking country where the only french I hear is in my family (and not all that often).

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Spanish so I will be able to comunicate in the US in the next few years.

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I would definitely love to learn Mandarin chinese. As it’s the most spoken language on the face of the earth, I strongly believe it will soon become the international trading/science language.

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