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If you could take a time machine back to high school, would you go?

Asked by NOharmNOfoul (256points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

If so, would you change anything? If not, was high school more of a place in time you wouldn’t care to go back to?

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I resented every single minute I had to spend in my HS, so I’m not too anxious to revisit the experience, thank you. Awhile back, I looked at some national ranking of the quality of high schools and was not the least bit surprised to see mine down there toward the bottom.

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OMG yes. It was a great time for me, but I’d also tweak some things to set me up better for college and beyond.

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Nope, I left it about two weeks ago, it’d be a bit quick to be wanting to return ;-)

My personality has changed a lot though, so that’d probably be what I’d change from the beginning.

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No way I basically just left, although I would go and change little things if I could zap back to the future ha.

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In a heartbeat.. knowing what I know now… oh, the possibilities! (the sky grows dark/evil laughter/thunder/lightning)

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Ah…high school! I would like to go back just because it is such a blur for me. When you are so young and the REALITY of life hits you hard (my sister died 2 weeks after graduating, my summer before tenth grade), it thrusts you into this warp of utter chaos and emotions and oddly enough, popularity. I would go back and change things, esp. what kevbo said.

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Definitely not. I went into home school because I couldn’t stand being at the public schools. Many teachers didn’t care, students were hung up on petty things and were way too immature. I’m so glad that’s done and over with.

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haha…I’m in high school! And like everything in life, high school has it’s ups and downs.

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I would not like to go back, not because high school was a terrible experience, but because I choose not to live in the past. I want to move forward knowing that life is only getting better.

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Pretty much the only reason I’d want to go back to high school would be to choose another college (no offense to the one I’m at! Well, kind of), and maybe have a few more traditional “teenage” experiences. I was home-schooled, which probably explains a lot about what I’m like now.

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I would love to go back and teach myself how to use a hair straightener and eyeliner. Otherwise, not so much.

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No way. Life is great now. And if I had a time machine I would go back to a more interesting time.

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