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Newbies - could you maybe, please, fill out your profile?

Asked by janbb (51324points) December 6th, 2012

We’ve had some new and interesting people joining the collective. Sometimes I am moved to go to your profile to find out a bit more about you – only to have my hopes dashed by a dearth of info. I don’t think anyone has to reveal deep, dark secrets but it might be nice to know a bit about where you are in life. It helps make the collective more, well – collective. And if you don’t want to, that’s ok too.

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I think it works both ways, some newbs also would like to know about the older memebers too. people read my profile wow

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Sure, for both if older members haven’t filled theirs out.

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Yes @Shippy, people read your profile… That’s why I noticed you just updated it today! Nice :)

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@bookish1 Makes a consious effort to keep it all neat and tidy

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Yes, please! Looking up someone’s profile, only to find a blank page, makes me think they’re [REDACTED] and secretly collecting evidence for [REDACTED]

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B, bb, bbbut…i’m too shy!!

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Yeah, newbs. Get on it!

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I at least like to get an idea of where someone is from geographically and culturally when answering questions.

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As a compliant Californian, I’ve now included my geographic info.

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I love reading some fun, quirky profiles, even if they’re un-revealing! Makes me feel a little closer to said jelly! :)

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There are many older members on here who regularly post, but have no profile information either.

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It makes me wonder if they know how to fill in their profile…

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@BBawlight Step 1: insert dollar into CD-ROM. Step 2: Turn on computer. Step 3: Make me a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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