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What are your thoughts on the pole shift? (multi question inside)

Asked by nofurbelowsbatgirl (4661points) December 6th, 2012

Ok. So I’ve been listening to the skeptics and the scientists and whoever else talks about it. I showed my mom this and well she basically freaked out! In short she is terrified, I felt horrible for showing her.

So I’m now wondering does this freak you, because I don’t know what to think. The pole shift is real they have evidence of it. Is it going to fcuk us up, is it already, is it a great hoax? Tell me what do you think?

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I have been hearing every year for many many years now the world was going to end on a specific day that year and some people get all paniced and low and behold nothing happens. So the way I look at it is if we are all going to die then we are all going to die and there is nothing to prevent is or to do about it. Why panic when there is nothing to change what happens.

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I think i’ll answer this question the day after tomorrow.

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1) fictional scientists giving real scientists a bad name.

2) why are people less worried about Global Warming?

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I didn’t watch your video, but I was just watching something the other day on the History Channel about this subject. It mentioned that a pole shift does not happen suddenly, but takes anywhere from 1,000 to 28,000 years. The last pole shift took about 7,000 years. Tell your mom not to fret.

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@jonsblond is right. It happens gradually, over several thousand of years, and by the time the whole process is “completed” (well, it’s a dynamic cycle, so it never really ends…it just keeps going until the poles fully shift again…and again), life on earth will also have evolved so as to accommodate the changes. No reason to fret. And as @creative1 said: if the world is going to end, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Fretting will do you no good, except give you a few ulcers, which you will then have to live with in case the world doesn’t end as planned lol

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Congress should pass a law to prohibit the poles from switching. That’ll take care of things, just fine.

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Your videos were unavailable when I tried to see them.

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First off, here’s what Wikipedia says about the History Channel:

It originally broadcast documentary programs with fictional and non-fictional historical content, together with speculation about the future. Now it broadcasts a variety of scripted reality television and other non-history related content.

The implied endorsement of Einstein (“appeal to authority”) is debunked here at 2012Hoax .org

The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis has a Wikipedia entry here, which notes that this is not connected with plate tectonics, continental drift, or geomagnetic reversal. The latter phenomenon is described in your second link (“the shift is real”) so has no relevance. The article concludes that…

Analysis of the evidence does not lend credence to Hapgood’s hypothesized rapid displacement of layers of the Earth.[19]

Here’s an article from The Skeptic Blacksheep (The End Of The World Part 1 – Polar Shift, An Earth Shattering Experience)

The renowned Commmittee for Skeptical Inquiry complained about a show NBC aired on this theory back in 1996.

Pseudoscience & media sensationalism go hand in hand & will always be with us. Education & critical thinking skills help filter this kind of foolishness.

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The poles have shifted in the past, and actually the second piece looked plausible to me. It will cause a problem with navigation, but we don’t use compasses any more, anyway. We navigate by satellites, so I doubt there will be many navigational problems. The Aurora Borealis may be seen in unusual places. Birds may have navigational problems for a while, but they will figure it out.

We will not be seeing tsunamis and earthquakes and all the rest of the nonsense from the irresponsible History Channel, which really should be called the SF channel, because what they do is speculative and alternate histories, and none that are very plausible.

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what is the difference a 2 degrees?

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Message say videos not available now. Are many pole shifts at past, no evidence they cause disasters. Is part of 2012 Doomsday hoax, poles not shift soon.

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@Shinimegami thanks for your answer and welcome to Fluther. I see the videos aren’t available. Unfortunately sometimes when using a YouTube video I never thought the video would be taken down, now I know for future posts.

So apparently we are still here, so it’s a hoax or they over embellish things or they just have no clue what they are talking about.

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