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How nerdly are you?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) December 6th, 2012

I know my library card number. Can you beat that?

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I have my social security and master card numbers committed to memory. That makes me efficient.

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I can set the clock on the VCR.

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@gailcalled Are there people that don’t have their social security number memorized? Heh.

I have my husband’s social security and debit card numbers memorized. That makes me undivorceable. :)

As for nerdy-ness, I’ve been in tears after getting a B as a final grade in a college course before. Does that count?

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I can spend hours looking at maps.

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You have stumbled upon my curse. I have an idyllic memory for numbers. without wanting to, I remember my:

SS #,
Drivers License #,
Clock # from a place I worked at over 35 years ago
Father’s SS #
Father’s DL #
Mothers SS #
Mother’s DL #
brother’s and eight sister’s SS #‘s
and the list goes on and on

Good point, I can do multi-digit math problems in my head, bad part I have a hard time putting a name with a face.

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@livelaughlove21 don’t forget his driver’s license.

I have the almost the entire joss whedon collection.

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I always read labels on my food and other people’s I even look up whole food through out the day.

Um oh and old habit I read labels on everything. Especially in other langauges.

Oh and i read books at the bar and sometimes while I’m driving… Not sure which qualifies me the most and once I got started I couldn’t stop. Oh I knit in dr’s offices, they always and for medical procedures.
I also turn random people’s license plates into words, esp if they are the old style.

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@DrBill: (Idyllic or eidetic)

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Idyllic or eidetic


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it is not eidetic, that is photographic, and I have trouble recalling faces.

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it is not eidetic


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But is it idyllic? There must be a word, don’t you think? (Just what I need at this time of night…a ridiculous research project.)

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should we turn our head to the side and dog paddle towards each other?

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should we turn our head to the side and dog paddle towards each other?


Is that part of the Marquess of Queensberry Nerd Fight rules?

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Maybe @DrBill means “ideal”?

I’m damn nerdy, but my memory is for shit. So, not nerdy in the same way you are, @jaytkay!

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I don’t know my home address. I’m not joking. I have it on a text file on my computer. If I need it I copy and paste. But I do know my SS number.

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I have memorized all of @DrBill ‘s numbers.

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Is being nerdly different from being nerdy?
Umm, I have about 200 books in my permanent collection. About half of them are history books.
I could teach classes on film from 1926–1965 or so but I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater.
Idyllic is definitely a malapropism in that case.

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I am so not nerdy however, I have a massive attraction for nerds. I think it is because I dated so many big mouthed “jock” types all my life.

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The only nerdly attributes which may be affiliated with my character are the blatantly stereotypical traits given to gamers or people who watch too many movies. That said, my face is probably never going to be into some book of ultimate D&D fortresses.
In fact I’m not even that much of a nerd, given that when playing Sacred 2, I opt for the equipment that looks best on my character, rather than equipping what would be of the utmost efficiency during combat. I DO understand how it works though Hell I probably wouldn’t wear anything if my pet tiger could actually damage anything.

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@Shippy same here with the nerd attraction.
I’d say I’m a little nerdy, I like computer games like World of Warcraft, I like video games, I read a lot, I have also felt disappointment at receiving what is the equivalent to a B here in Germany, I’ve seen many Sci-Fi films, I spend a lot of time on the internet….
But I am also an extrovert and I go outside a lot, so my nerdyness must lie somewhere in the area of between real nerd girl and jock girl…..but that’s just my self evaluation ;)

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I also know my library card number, however, I don’t know my own phone number.

I think I’ve earned my nerd card several times over. Is there even a question anymore?

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@Seek_Kolinahr I think I’ve earned my nerd card several times over.

The Spock ears. Those have been noted in your permanent record.

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