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What is something that reminded you that you're a big dork/nerd/geek?

Asked by Nimis (13225points) April 26th, 2012 from iPhone

A mother was talking about how her son made some leather armor for a school project.

I knew what style of armor she was talking about. (Roman lorica.)

My geek was totally showing. Whoops.

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My clothes
My vehicle
My choices in a restaurant or fast food takeout
My Home Depot habits

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I get nervous when I speak to women I’m not even attracted to. Lol.

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I speak the language a bit, according to some I look like one, and to top it off, also my girlfriend is a Greek.

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If they made Zelda in movie form, I’d watch it.

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When I was researching ways to fix part of the circuit board inside my portable music player. It was unfixable, but damn, I really wanted it to be because I knew which part stuffed up when I took it apart and had a look at it.

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My children are trying to talk me out of taking them to the Avengers premiere at midnight as they have sports the next day.

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“When I was researching ways to fix part of the circuit board inside my portable music player. It was unfixable, but damn, I really wanted it to be because I knew which part stuffed up when I took it apart and had a look at it.”

You might be an engineer if you try to fix a $5 radio.

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When I realized my dearest wish in life is to be a librarian.

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Warhammer 40k

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I chose this as my username.

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I watch Big Bang Theory, and wonder why people are laughing.

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Copy that ^^^ Same with Seinfeld.

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I dont need reminding, NERD AND PROUD!

Someone took my nook from me to look at recently and saw I had 285 books and then realized about 160 of them were star wars books lol

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The only places I know how to get to are book stores!

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Nothing. I’m not any of those.

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I drool in second-hand book stores and libraries…

I am very happy when I enter a cinema and there is barely anyone there to watch the fairly newly released film I have been hanging out to see.

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I’ll come with you!

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So in one episode of Xena Warrior Princess, Gabrielle became the princess of the Amazons, and was given a special staff to commemorate the event, and because it is their way. It’s this big fancy staff with carvings and everything. It’s obviously important, and not anyone gets to even fuckin see it. But she got it…then you never see that staff again. Never. It’s just gone.
What the hell, did Gabrielle just go, yeah man, you know what? I don’t need this damn thing. ’‘hucks it in a ditch’’

The nerd part of me isn’t finding loopholes though…but basically just assuming that Argo (Xena’s horse who, while she has her own little important bits in some of the episodes, basically serves as an ambulant suitcase for the heroines) has the staff nicely packed and kept safe, for every single episode after Gabrielle received it. I mean, it is a ceremonial staff. It’s not like she’s supposed to use it in battle.

Also, while I love The Simpsons and Matt Groening…he failed me once. There was a Simpsons episode where Xena Lucy Lawless made an appearance. She was at this comic convention, answering a bunch of questions. They were all nerd questions, basically about such loopholes as I’ve explained. To every question, she answered, if it doesn’t make any sense, then it means a wizard did it.



While in the world of Xena, magic and the supernatural certainly do exist, (shit, it’s barely even possible to fucking die in that show, unless you’re one of Gabrielle’s boyfriends) there have never been any wizards. Soothsayers, mystics, psionics, shamans, gods, the undead…but no wizards. Never.

And also, what is a man. ’‘throws glass wine pon’ the marbled flooring’’

I was looking online for about five minutes on how to spell ’‘upon’’ properly in old English, so then I could say; nerds don’t point things out about themselves, they show themselves. But I didn’t have enough patience to look far enough to see if I got it right…if I were a true nerd, I would know whether I did or not, and wouldn’t even have to look for it. Still, my answer, Xena.

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@Symbeline Maybe Gabrielle is a freak, and is hiding the staff in her butt?? Just food for thought. LMAO :)

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Symbeline Where do I begin? You just totally outnerded me girl….and I am proud to be a nerd too. I really don’t know what to offer here, except that I love klezmer and Oi-Va-Voi , am a former trekkie fan. Mmmm, not much to go on huh? Gotta get better creds.

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I can quote everyone’s lines from Episode IV with 99% accuracy.

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Someone asked for an example of a pejorative term, and I said “toaster.”

Yeah, I’ll let that one sink in…

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The only time my family contacts me is when they have computer problems.

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Because the fluff was less than stellar in my 40k army’s codex, I rewrote it.

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The very fact that this question attracted my attention.

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Lol, @Symbeline I actually wondered the same thing about Gabrielle’s Amazonian staff. Good to know I’m not the only one.

My most recent reminder of geekness was that I got the Star Wars Edition Xbox for my birthday…I was simply giddy with joy.
Oh and the reminder that I own a label maker (from another question on here) ...and that I freaking love it.

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When I got to debating with a room full of black guys how to make fried chicken! :) :) :) :)

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What in the fuck….....Hahahah!

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LOLL!! See my questions @Blackberry!
Goin to work now. See ya later!

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@Blackberry Would you ever debate a white person on how to make a hamburger? Haha

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When I saw Leonard Nimoy on TV this morning at the reception for the space shuttle Enterprise and I got a little weepy.

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When I get caught watching the APAC channel (Australian Public Affairs Channel) and people look at me like I am mad. I love Question Time in Parliament.

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Neighbor girl refused to do me even after I fixed her computer.

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I was with a group of moms and one asked me where she could pick up some of the more dangerous chemicals. I gave her the name and address of the guy who sells them out of his basement (he’s a chemical engineer).

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I watched Glee tonight and wept as Rachel choked on “Don’t Rain on my Parade!” She’s lived for this moment (NYADA auditions) for her whole life!!!

Also thought Kurt looked very sexy in his gold lamé pants!!!

God I love Chris Colfer’s (aka Kurt Hummel) singing voice. Swoon

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Not a lot of Battlestar Galactica fans, I see.

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I assumed liking Battlestar Galactica was common to all humans, and didn’t think we needed to declare it. Am I wrong?

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I would have agreed, but maybe I was just wrong to think a reference would get a bigger reaction!

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@FutureMemory Nah, a mayonnaise sandwich. Lol.

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