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What does remaining true to yourself mean to you?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9847points) December 7th, 2012

Doing some soul searching over here.

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I would say…to follow your belief systems and do what is right for yourself so as not to cause yourself anxiety. Also to respect the concept of your being and to have the confidence to believe in your own instilled values…

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Not compromising your beliefs for convenience or gain.

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Acting completely naturally, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Yes, honoring ones own ethics, beliefs, personal code and having the courage to not compromise ones own integrity for anything or anyone.

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Not doing something I wouldn’t do, even if the temptation was strong.

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First of all knowing yourself. Second, believing in yourself. Third, honoring yourself. Fourth being steadfast in that honor.

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Acting in a way that does not upset my conscience, while allowing myself the ability to take in new info so that I don’t remain stagnant.

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Acting in accordance with my principles.

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Its a masturbation term of endearment. :)

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Holding myself to the same standards to which I hold other people.

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After the recent sudden death of a family member, one of his close friends said this about him;

“Before he took any action, Bill put the following questions to himself: Will it be beneficial? Will it hurt anyone? Is it fair? ”

Writ large for all of us.

Find the questions that define you and pay attention to their answers.

I can always hear my inner voice when it says, “No. Stop. Think about that. Don’t be hasty.”

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It means that I am accountable to myself above anyone (except my son when he was a minor). I have to make choices of what to do with my time and energy, and to behave in ways that fit my personality and values, so I can sleep soundly at night, and so I will have no regrets when on my deathbed.

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Absolutely nothing. It’s the sort of vacuous cliche I’d expect to hear from someone like Oprah Winfrey or from some cult-like self-help “guru.”

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Not doing things to suit other people if they go against your own beliefs or needs. Putting yourself first. We all have to be considerate of others, but women (me included!) tend to go too far and put ourselves last. If something isn’t right for you – don’t go there, don’t do it, say no and don’t feel guilty about it. That’s what being true to myself means to me.

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Love all the answers here. I will add that being true to me, is deciding to spend less time with those that do not inspire me or love me in some small way. Learning to say no where necessary. Not giving in to plastic surgery like all my peers have, understanding I only need one handbag. Searching for new wisdom daily, questioning society’s expectations of me. Understanding that age and aging is still beautiful. That learning never ends and life is just beginning each an every day.

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It also means standing up and speaking out when you see something that goes against your core beliefs. Even when you don’t really want to have to take a stand.

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@Shippy; All your peers “are giving into plastic surgery”? That’s a lot of people. Maybe you need a new group of friends.

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@gailcalled Can I come for tea? pleading with huge eyes

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Sure. No pleading necessary and I don’t give a fig about the size of your eyes. Bone up on an interesting topic, such as how to grow poblano peppers or the uvular consonants in Norwegian, and we’ll be fine.

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