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Would you live where you vacation?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) September 24th, 2010

When people go on vacation they usually say that they wish they could stay forever.
But do you ever think about if it will get boring after a while doing nothing but relaxing all the time, and just staying there?

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No, although i live in a country with notoriously bad weather, the people, nature, and history all make up for it. I wouldn’t want to live any where else.

Home is truly where my heart is.

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Our family vacations in Nags Head, NC, USA, every summer, and we rent a house. I’ve often thought that it would be a nice place to live year round. It wouldn’t be relaxing all the time though. I thought about starting a business that offered the service to the home owners. It would provide deep-cleaning services and general maintenance projects during the off-seasons.

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I would never live in Egypt. I would go there again, but to live… No.

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I would love to. The problem: Real estate prices: insane, job opportunities: slim.

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I would, but it’s always expensive, the language, the food or whatever. If I had lot’sa money then I would do it.

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Yes, I’ve a thing for Gulf Shores. Would live there in heart beat.

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Not really, I like the tropical islands, but they are very under developed.

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I already do.

Down the street from the ocean, in sunny Florida.

When I go on vacation, I just go further down the street. ;-)

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I have lived where I have vacationed, and I loved it.

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I take my holidays in the country where I live… but further south.
Just spent five weeks of the summer there… I would move tomorrow… kinder weather, more relaxed atmosphere… the list goes on and on.

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Summers on the isle, winters up a mile,
all my dreams come true
and a cute dog I call boo

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Reason I don’t? Money and I wouldn’t want to leave my family.

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Well, the places I vacation the most are places like Lake Tahoe and Carmel Valley. I wouldn’t mind living there, but I’m not sure if I would choose it over where I live now. Lake Tahoe is just such a great vacation place, during the summer and during the winter. I wouldn’t want to get bored of it just because I’m there all the time. Not to mention it’s too cold in the winter. :(

Carmel Valley’s just a little isolated; our vacation home there is in a pretty remote area. And of course I’ve definitely considered living abroad, particularly Italy, but then I can’t speak the language and it would be so far away from everyone I know…

I think I’m fine where I am. :)

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Summers in Maine and winters in Florida would work just dandily for me.

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The three places that I have loved enough to stay were Scotland, Italy and America (Nevada). I have been to some other lovely places but probably wouldn’t choose to live there.

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I could stay there for a month or two longer, but I’m not so much a country person. I’d miss my friends and the things I do. If I had friends in vacationland who did interesting things, it would be better. Maybe I could stand it. But with so many more people, there are so many more opportunities to make new friends. That doesn’t happen in vacationland.

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No. We usually go to busy places. I don’t like busy places like Orlando, WashingtonDC. They are fun to visit YES.

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There are a couple of places I’ve visited that I would consider living, but usually no. There’s always some catch.

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I did live there for many years, and I want to go back. If I can, I intend to buy a place there when my husband finally retires (one drawback of marrying a man 8 years younger – the waiting for him to retire).

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My vacation place is florida so NO i couldn’t live there. I would keel over and die from heat exhaustion.

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