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Name your hero.

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) December 8th, 2012

I don’t know who/what they are, what they do, but they can be anyone/thing.
Why are they your hero/es?

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Err, Superman?

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One of my professors…because of the kindness they have shown me, and the encouragement they give me, and because I know some of what they have had to go through to get where they are today, so that whenever I get discouraged, I think of them and remember to keep going…

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Pete Seeger. He’s always stayed true to his beliefs and consistently been engaged in the struggle for human rights. I saw him on the New York Thruway a few years ago.

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Troubled attorney Matt Murdoch by day, vigilante crime-fighter by night. Blinded as a boy, Matt uses his remaining heightened senses and amazing “radar sense” to clean up the streets of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Matt was trained by the mysterious “Stick”, a refugee from the ninja cult “The Hand” and has fought with (and sometimes against) many of New York’s heroes including Spiderman, Wolverine, and The Punisher. Matt’s pursuit of justice is motivated by his belief in the law and the lessons he learned from his father and later, his mother. Matt was raised by his single dad after his mother left them. A small-time prize-fighter, “Battling Jack Murdoch” taught his son the value of honor and hard work and encouraged Matt to excel in school so he wouldn’t have to use his fists – like his dad. When Jack was later killed by local thugs for refusing to throw a fight, Matt was on his own. Lost, he eventually found his mother who had become a catholic nun. She taught him about faith and forgiveness. Today, with his law partner Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, Matt seeks justice in both the courts and the streets as Daredevil, the man without fear.

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton, abolitionist and women’s suffrage champion.

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Karl Marx.

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I’d say my ex husband, He looked after his family, all of his wives including his ex wives plus his kids. He made sure they all had what they needed, and sent them to the best schools. He was a fighter, determined and as an orphan built an empire. A legacy that most are in awe of. Specially for a guy who had no parents, I think he is mine and a lot of peoples hero.

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Soppressata, capicola, lettuce, mozzarella, onion with honey mustard on a baguette. I’m probably forgetting an ingredient or two, but at my local deli they call it an Andy Capp.

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Gail here; Milo

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MIlo here: I bet you thought I was going to say “Gail.”

This guy.

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Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Sheldon Cooper

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MIlo here again; Edit link to this

It was Gail’s fault. She is so transparently jealous.

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Graham Chapman is one of my many dead heroes. Beyond brilliant as a comedian and freethinking humanist. On the Flying Circus, he almost always played the ‘Establishment’ characters—doctors, lawyers, police officers, army generals-with the most subtle subversiveness. Made all the more poignant because he was himself a trained doctor, and his father was a police officer. The first British celebrity to publicly come out on television. He made a joke about the reinforcement of gender identity in the 1980s in The Meaning of Life. He conquered his alcoholism. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to love him already, I found his personal rant What Will the Neighbors Think? recently. It’s about groupthink, smallmindedness, gender stereotypes, priests and politicians, and how humanity can progress.

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I LOVE Monty Pythons flying circus, I raised my kids on it

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Good on ya, @debf5twstr2008. It breaks my heart when people my age or younger have only vaguely heard of them or have only seen The Holy Grail. It’s a good movie but doesn’t hold a candle to the Flying Circus for comedy, subversiveness and social commentary.

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Right now I would say my youngest son. My family moved 2,000 miles away from my childhood home when I was 16, just before my junior year of high school. I had a very difficult time with this transition and let my grades slip and experimented with drugs. I didn’t have the best GPA when I finally graduated. Just two years ago we moved our family to an unfamiliar town when our youngest son was 16, just when his junior year began. As much as he hated the move, he kept his grades up and also kept a part-time job. He made a few good friends and stayed out of trouble. He ended up graduating 3rd in his class and is now in college with a very nice scholarship. I’m really proud of him and what he accomplished. He handled a difficult situation much better than I did when I was his age. He’s a hero to me.

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There isn’t one person, it’s hard to decide for me. Basically anyone who takes up arms and goes to fight for what they believe in is a hero in my book. Here’s to all the soldiers, rebels, and peacekeepers, the people who risked their lives so that their cause might succeed!

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My old granny goose “Babby”, who survived having her neck wrung by a Bobcat, being drug off by a 3 legged Coyote and suffering a spinal cord injury that left her listing for the rest of her days. She was the most loving and trusting creature to ever be hatched and there was more courage and love in that fat little bundle of feathers than most humans will ever have.

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Chuck Yeager.

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Carl Sagan

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My brother.

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Thog have no hero. Thog destroy heroes!

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This man taught me so much about life. It’s as close to a hero as I get.

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Dun na na na na na na na BATMAAAAAAAAAAAAN

As far as people who actually lived it’d be Terence McKenna ,Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan

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My hero was my Dad. He was amazing.

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There are people that I admire, but personally I was never into role models or the hero thing.

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The King of kings, the LORD of lords, the Prince of Peace, the One who hung the world on nothing, the Great I Am, Jesus Christ.

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