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What's the most amount of kilometers/miles you ever drove on a bike in one day?

Asked by marywilson888 (7points) December 8th, 2012

What’s the most amount of kilometers/miles you ever drove on a bike in one day?

Mine’s 31 miles.

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40 miles, in the 5 Boro Bike Tour.

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Hi @marywilson888, welcome to Fark!

31 miles is a great ride!

I’m kind of bike crazy. I ride to work. I ride for fun. I ride to run errands. But 31 miles is still a big day for me.

I’ve ridden a century (100 miles) with a bike club, about 5 years ago.

This year, I rode 85 miles in a day, to visit my mom. On top of the cycling, the trip included a 50-mile train ride and an 80 mile boat ride. That was grueling but I am very happy I made the trip. I want to do it again next year.

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Between 27 and 28 miles ( I was still smoking, about 3 packs a day ). That was 30 years ago.

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When I was a teen, I belonged to the bike club, and we took several trips that went over one hundred miles in a day. I’m not sure how far over—maybe 107 miles was the longest. It was, of course, exhausting. But it doesn’t seem like much to me when I think that during the Tour de France, those riders go over 100 miles for at least twenty days out of the entire tour.

On the other hand, I recently tried a fifty mile ride, and I bonked at 35, and limped the rest of the way home, stopping every mile or so for rest and water.

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@burntbonez masochist

@jaytkay wrong f word. Fark is fun but mixing them up will hurt dr j’s feelings

And so welcome to fluther.

I don’t actually know. I was and can be quite a biker, for enjoyment and errands. I have never clocked myself or been ina club or a bikathon though. I should do that.

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I’ve gone about 55 miles in one day. I can’t seem to keep up that pace today.

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@rosehips wrong f word


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@rosehips I don’t think I’m a masochist. I was young and had lots of strength and energy. It wasn’t much problem. I am not a pain seeker.

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I rode top a city that was 40 miles away and then I rode back. That is a total of 80 miles.

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I commute to work most days. 12 miles round trip. I used to go on week long biking trips when I was a kid. I don’t know what the longest day we had was. Maybe up in the 90s.

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@burntbonez I was referring to your 50 mile goal with no build up sure way to punish yourself. Actually pedaling that far with no build up. Failing admitting to failure.
The painful trek back.
Sore muscles the next couple of days.
Also not so likely to get on a bike for a while.

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Are you talking about a motorbike or a bicycle?

I’ve never ridden a motorcycle but the furthest I’ve been on a bicycle in one day was about 45 miles. I was probably 15 years old at the time.

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@rosehips Why would you assume no build-up? And I don’t recall much of a recovery. Only my back, but then, my back gets hurt randomly doing just about anything, so I don’t know if that came from the ride or not. Fifty miles isn’t much.

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It was part of the 94-day, cross-USA, BikeCentennial from Astoria, Oregon to Johnstown, Virginia in 1976—the US Bicentennial year. We used our own bikes, mostly 10-speed touristers with a small set of tools under the seat, left and right rear panniers (for clothes, cooking and personal items), pup tent, sleeping bag and windbreaker on top of the rear rack, and a front pack with a clear plastic map pocket on top. There were 20 bicyclists and 2 “sag” wagons with 2 crewmembers each (one van in front and one in the back) in my group by the time we made Colorado (We started with 35 in Astoria).

Most days we did a century (100 miles) or close to it, but in places like the Ozarks or the Appalachians of Kentucky, that was impossible. With the extremely steep hills, curves and hostile, speeding log truckers on bad two-lane mountain roads, (if an adult rode a bike in those days in those areas, they were either a retard, a hippy, or a fag and this made them legitimate targets, especially in the South) there was no way to do a century a day.

But there was one leg of the trip that we broke all our personal single-day distance records for all time, I’m sure. It was on Hwy 24 from the top of the Rockies downhill through Colorado Springs all the way into Kansas. Starting at dawn on a beautiful summer day, we covered nearly 300 miles by dusk—all downhill and often at speeds not at all recommended for those bikes.

The day before in some little town—Leadville, Colorado, I believe—we rebuilt our bearings, put on new brake pads and tires, tightened our spokes, lubed the chains and adjusted the front and rear derailleurs. It was the best bike ride of my life, even better than the Haleakala downhill on Maui. Everybody made it fine, though. We lost some bikes to some shoulder gravel and minor potholes and some unhappy riders came in on the sag wagons, but everyone made it to dinner in one piece that night. The next day we inspected our bikes and most of us had no brake pads left and no rubber on the tires. It was an incredible, high-speed (20 – 50 mph), downhill, 12+ hour ride through some of the most beautiful and varied country in the United States.

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Lovely story, @Espiritus_Corvus. I wish I had been there. Oddly enough, I was in Europe that summer, being lonely. I think if I had been on that trip, it would have been a lot more fun.

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@burntbonez because of the way you stated it. I recently tried to bike 50 miles but only made it 35 and if you were walking and resting every hour it sounds like you pushed to far.
But it was an assumption.
And 50 miles may not be much to some but to others it is. Depends of physical fitness level.
But indeed pardon my judgement based on assumption. It is a bad habit.

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It was a challenge, but I made it home. Next time, I’ll bring more water.

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