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What happened to you in the principal's office?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 8th, 2012

Believe it or not, I was never called into the principal’s office. Why were you called in, and what happened? Do you remember your feelings inside? Do you remember what it smelled like? What sounds were there other than talking? Were there windows? Did you look out of them?

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I only went once and that was a school in Alabama. Corporeal punishment was accepted in public schools. All I remember was this 2 by 8 shaped into a paddle. I had to put my hands on a chair. And was only swatted lightly. I was very relieved and left before he changed his mind.

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What, you think I couldn’t possibly have gotten this way without being abused?

No beatings. I was suspended for 3 days in high school. In physics lab, I had a very good natured teacher who both played and appreciated practical jokes. So while he was out of the room, I wired a Van De Grapff Generator to the door knob. Unfortunately, it was the Principal who came in first, not the teacher, and he was not nearly as appreciative of the humor as my affable physics teacher was.

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Yes. It was this time that I started a rumor- that I’m not getting into- and I had to be suspended for 3 days. They said I had ISS for 3 days, too. But they let me off because I’m a good student.
It had one window in the back. I was quite afraid when I first walked in there because they had to call my parents. It smelled like paper, to me. Like an office or something… It sounded kinda like a busy office building… No I didn’t look outside the window because there was a lot of stuff on the window sill and the blinds were ¾ the way down…

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I didn’t get called in either except to get told I was going to be valedictorian. I was obviously a very cool kid in high school.~

The one upsetting thing that happened was that I was called in to talk about my graduation speech and he was not happy at all when I told him I was planning on referencing the gulf oil spill (this was 2010). He told me this speech wasn’t my “political platform” and basically strongly implied that I should drop the idea altogether. It was upsetting because I did not want to give a cheesy “spread your wings and fly” bullshit speech. I wanted to talk about something I felt was important.

I don’t think he quite understood my intent though, because I went ahead and wrote the speech I had been planning to write and when he actually read it he was fine with it. It really wasn’t very political. The main point of the speech was that my age group is heading towards responsibility and we must handle it with care.

My family overheard someone in the audience referring to it as “hippy shit,” whatever. I felt good about it. I’m glad the principal was cool enough to give me a pass once he actually read what I wrote.

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My Uncle was a principal, so I wasn’t intimidated by them. I was an office volunteer most of my teen years. Before that, the only time I remember being called in was to take some (I.Q.) tests.

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I’ve never been sent to the principal’s office, but I was sent to the discipline office in high school once – which is probably the same thing. I was sick and called my mom between classes using my cell phone in the bathroom. She brought me medicine and the nurse found out I had called my mom without going to her office first – and came to the brilliant conclusion I had used a cell phone during school hours. Gasp! She called me in to get the medicine, sent me to the discipline office, and they took my phone. They called my mom to come back and get the phone, and she ended up being more mad than I was about it.

I also got lunch detention one day in middle school for chewing gum. Worst lunch ever – as middle school itself wasn’t already the worst experience of my life.

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The first time I was called to the principals office was when I was wearing gray and black corderoy pants.
He told me we were not a Catholic school, and I didn’t have to wear such thing.
Well, that wasn’t why I wore them. I liked the look. This was in a time before we were allowed to wear Jeans to school.
I went home I told my Mom about it, and she went to the school and told off the principal in the nicest way.

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In one school I went to I was called in there the most, but not for anything worth mentioning. But for some reason, it’s the one principal’s office that always stood out the most. It was really cheery looking and bright. It was all windows, so you could see out into the school hall, and outside. Big black puffy leathers chairs, and the counter in the back of that. There was an aquarium with goldfish in it, which is what I gave most of my attention whenever I had to wait in there. There were offices in the back, which were any normal office you’d expect. Small, cramped but neat and organized. Plus they had lollipops! :D

In high school, it was a different school and I got called in there because I was always skipping school. The office was pretty boring, no windows, or barely, and just shitty uncomfortable office chairs and stuff. One time I got detention for something and didn’t attend, so the next week I had to do double. I spent like two hours in there, and was reading a book. It smelled all stuffy in there and the vice principal was an ass. But the head honcho, he rocked. I always went to school with a walkman. Constantly, for my trip to and back from school. But it got stolen in the school and I got real upset lol. For a Christmas present the principal bought me a new one. It was awesome. :D
But his quarters still sucked. XD

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3rd grade in the lunch room when a little boy blew a straw full of milk at me. I blew back and got
The principal was named ” Mr. Stern” and I was petrified waiting to see him.
I asked him if he was going to spank me and he laughed.


Of course, I was an adorable little freckle faced blonde, and managed to charm my way out of trouble with only a modest talking to about conduct. haha

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I was often there. Although I acted tough I was terrified. He always called Miss (My surname).

To this day I wonder why!!

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I was caned across both hands for allegedly stealing sweets from a younger boy, turned out it was my younger brother & the stoopid teacher, through lack of communication, got the wrong sibling…..dumb bastard!

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In the third grade I was called to Principal’s office. I was sent to the office adjacent, the art teacher was there doing silk screening and need me to help. I was a big kid, understood “Register” and the process.
We did three color posters for an open house at school.

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