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What is the greatest regret of your 20's?

Asked by Paradox1 (1179points) November 7th, 2011

This question has been asked, but not specific to the time between 20–29.

What is the greatest regret occurring in your 20’s? Or multiple regrets?

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living on the edge….a bit too much, but Thankful I got through it.
regret that my soulmate and I could not be together this time round.

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I traveled a lot, and didn’t take as many pictures as I could have.


Spending so much time studying and worrying about looking for a job, and not taking the time to really appreciate and enjoy life more. It went by in a flash. :(

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Should have flossed more.

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Not much, I got to travel to a lot of places on Uncle Sam’s nickel. I just wish there had been less shooting involved.

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Not investing in Yahoo (back in the 80’s)

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Turning 30.

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That I didn’t take my life seriously enough. When you are in your twenties you think you have all the time in the world. Turns out, you don’t.

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Letting life just happen instead of setting goals and making things happen. (I set and achieved some educational goals, but not for my personal life.) Still, it all worked out for the best.

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@lillycoyote How true!!!!!!!!!

That they didn’t last longer!

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I can’t really think of any. I quite enjoyed my 20s!

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Just me being me, at the time :-/

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I have no regrets, backward thinking is an excercise in futilty.
Although, what possessed me to dye my hair blonde & then get it all curled up, making me look like a butch Shirley Temple, is totally beyond me.

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@ucme I don’t know what possessed you either, but am having a wonderful time imagining you looking like a butch Shirley Temple. I don’t even know what you really look like and I still find the thought of it hilarious.

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@lillycoyote Oh i’ve had my face plastered over this site before, shame you missed it.
I shave my head now, so far removed from those “Shirley” days.
I do however look better in a frock…...allegedly ;¬}

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Wow, the answers are kinda scary. In a week or so ill be 20, I have no plans what so ever except to study like crazy and find a god damn job? That should be fun, I guess.

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@ucme I am very sorry I missed those postings. The possibly poodle-headed, butch Shirley Temple look (and I have most certainly suffered the poodle-head, when I thought that perms were the answer to my fine, straight hair) compared to the shaved head, a look one of my best friends has embraced in the past few years, and it suits him quite nicely… well the idea of the two, side by side, still amuses me.

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I didn’t appreciate my girlfriends as much as I should have.

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I should never have joined that church.

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All my regrets happened in my teenage years. It was the 20’s that produced the confused paydays of regret.

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@smilingheart1 I’m not sure what confused paydays mean…

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I’d be inclined to say marrying my ex, but then I wouldn’t have my amazing, funny, chip off the mother block daughter.
Sooo, nix that. Otherwise…I don’t have any regrets really, no point in crying over spilled milk, and that spilled milk gave me my girl. lol ;-)

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I am only 21, but I already feel that I have wasted too much of my time letting old relationships keep me down. I also feel that I have wasted too much of my time letting fear and criticism keep me down.

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I regret rushing through college and grad school. I look back and wonder why I was in such a rush to get a real job.

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Regrets? I have several.
– Spent all my savings accounts. I started working a real job at 23. I’ve only started serious saving at 26. (If I saved before, I might already have a big fat savings account by now.)
– Impulsive reaction to stressful situations at work that drove people away. (My credibility was lost simply because I had an immature arguement with another immature person at work).
– Not being my total self, worrying about people not liking me, pleasing people. (I wish I just showed them the real me and be nice to everyone and not care about others who dislike me. I’ve only recently learned how to not give a f***.)

I am 26, and weeks shy before hitting 27. :)

But regardless, I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for these mistakes. :)

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Not going to law school but going instead to drug college. Lets see, I was 20–29 from 1969 to 1978. Yeah, I got a helluva education but not one that allowed me to practice law or earn a living. I quit drugs altogether when I got pregnant at 26. So I can’t really even say I have regrets. If I had pursued law school, I would not have met my husband, not have had my son, and my world would be totally different than it is. I have a wonderful life, so while I can say I regret not going to law school, I don’t actually look back on my life with any regret. It took a long time to get to that place, but that’s where I am now.

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Being too promiscuous tops the list. I slept around a way too much.
Getting into fights. They’d start the fight, so I felt it right to finish it.
Not giving a shit, when I should have.
Being too much of a practical joker, some people had a hard time accepting that.
Actually believing I could make a change, to set a new path others would want to follow.

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