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Career advice needed - temp to perm situation?

Asked by cmomoCPA (152points) December 9th, 2012

Background: I’ve been working in the payroll field for the last 18 months, I was unemployed for a year from Oct 2010-Oct 2011. In my first job back from unemployment I temped for two months before being offered a permanent position, I stayed there two more months before being offered a temporary position for a lot more money at my current job with a very large empoyer in NYC (starting March 2012). I am one of 7 temps brought into this department in March.

I am still working at the temp job, and they are posting permanent positions for our department. Three weeks ago they posted 3 permenant positions for our dept (same job function), I got an email from the HR department Friday (none of the others temps have contacted yet). The positions are asking for a minimum of 3 yrs payroll experience, the HR person emailed me my resume shows 18months experience, she is asking me to verify my 3 yrs experience.

What should I say?

I applied for the positions twice, there were screening questions during the online application process and I answered them first that I did not have 3 yrs exp. and then the second time saying yes I did have 3 yrs exp. My resume is accurate.

I stay late, come in before the managers do on days I dont take my son to school, I am the only temp they are training to run the payroll, I get special training/assignments, I’m the only temp they regularly allow to sumbit 40 hrs timecards instead of only the 37.5 the other temps are allowed to submit.

How should I respond to the HR woman?

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Tell the truth.

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The truth is best. Explain that you are exactly who you are on paper.

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I did. Thing is, there were rumors circling a few months ago about the positions only being for those of us with 3+ yrs. payroll experience. I found out today most of the temps i came in with have interviews tomorrow. I do not. When I went in to tell my immediate supervisor she acted suprised and like she didn’t know, she consoled me by saying the good news is we probably won’t have to let you go until late March 2013. But that is also a rumor.

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My next question for the jellies will be you guessed it…how to find a job, what’s the most efficient way (Step by step method, any suggestions appreciated).

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As soon as you are unemployed, see if you can volunteer somewhere (hopefully where you can work in payroll or HR). That will give you even more experience, and if you are as good as it sounds, maybe you’ll be given a job there. Until you do get a job, do keep applying, of course. Now if you need childcare, try to volunteer where they’ll let you bring your kid.

I have received many job offers through volunteer positions.

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If you are good at what you do, don’t worry. The company will keep engaging you and may offer you permanent job even if you do not have 3+ years experience. If thing does not turn out this way, well, find other job in which you may get better pay and benefits. The world is wide!
Dpn’t fret too much unless you like the present company very much.

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Well they let me go and kept the most experienced people. 3 of the 8 of us. I found out on Xmas eve from the temp agency recruiter no less no one in the office told us. They had pulled all of the temps aside from the other departments 203 weeks prior and gave them the notification their last day was NYE. There was a story about how it was an HR thing and they couldn’t let us know officially until the last day about the layoff. But I forwarded the email from the temp agency to the other temps.

There was A LOT of office politics in that office and managers against managers, backroom trashtalk, sabotage, setups, etc. Some people had social Fridays while others were constantly ridden to get the job done.

Can’t say I’m too upset about not going there everyday. I do miss the $$.

So, now I have another questions I’ll start a new thread on it.
Thanks all,

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Good for you and good luck in your search for a new job.

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