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What industries are hiring right now, and which are firing?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) October 15th, 2008

And what jobs (or even careers) are going up and down in demand?

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Healthcare is hiring.
Finance is firing.

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A couple articles that ran on CNN a few days ago might help…

America’s most-wanted workers.

15 jobs that pay $50,000—and might be hiring

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Wow, great question! I’ve been thinking about just that – but didn’t think to ask the collective. Nice!

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Education will always have openings especially in finding people with real field experience! Sure the pay isn’t comparable with industry but you get holidays, summer time off, and the reward of sharing your experience.

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try a nice government job.

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I work in a “huge bio-medical testing lab”, and we are hiring.

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Education is always hiring, and it’s not going to go bankrupt. If you aren’t a teacher, they also hire custodians, cooks, secretaries, accountants, teacher aides, bus drivers, warehouse workers, mail room clerks, painters, plumbers, delivery drivers, fleet mechanics, electricians, grounds maintenance, etc., etc.

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Education is not always hiring——ex. Washington state. I am a teacher in Seattle and we are closing 5 schools, shutting down 8 programs and moving another 5 schools. A lot of us will be lucky to keep our jobs since there are so many teachers that need to be placed.

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