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Do you like the new iTunes?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 9th, 2012

I’m having a hard time getting used to it. Have you gotten used to it?

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I’ve become such a grumpy old lady it seems, that I don’t like the new anything, so I probabaly won’t like the new iTunes:-) I haven’t tried it. I keep hitting the “Remind me later” button when it tries to download so I haven’t used it. It sounds like it’s different enough that I will check it out. I have a couple of computers so I don’t like it, I can use the one I didn’t download it on until Apple stops supporting the old version, I suppose. I’ll let you know.

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@lillycoyote I would totally recommend you don’t upgrade. It seems like it’s unfinished. It should’ve just been a beta. That’s how drastic of a difference it is. Especially if you like to plug in iPhone/iPod

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What’s changed? I feel like I’ve been clicking “remind me later” forever, since it seems like they update iTunes every week or so.

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Yes, I like it quite a bit actually.

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It’s very different, but I like it. Much cleaner. It seems to be a hybrid of the Mac setup of iTunes and old PC setup, which I quite like. I’ve noticed that people like to hate these changes just because they’re new and are hard to get used to- I promise, this too shall pass.

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I agree with @Fly, a lot of people just hate it at first sight without even trying that hard to get to like it. I like the new clean look but one thing that really bothers me is the “Cmd” + L thing which shows you the current song, and that isn’t working on playlists at the moment.

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Out of the box it is drastically different. Lucky flipping a few options in the View menu pretty much brings it back to what it looked and behaved like. Coverflow was removed so if you used that (did anyone) you might miss it.

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@bhec10 :: If you click on the arrow next to the song it will let you go to the album or the artist from a playlist.

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I’m not a big fan of change, so right at this moment I don’t like it. However, once I’ve used it a few times it will be fine. And I’m going to look for those options in the View menu to see what I can get back. Thanks, @johnpowell

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I get so sick of iTunes updates. As @glacial says, it seems like they put out a new update every other week.
And the only point of them is to make it progressively easier and more tempting for you to buy shit!

Why is this question in General?

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@johnpowell Say that you are playing songs from a particular playlist and then you decide to browse your whole music library. When you want to return to the song you are listening by pressing “Cmd + L”, it will only take you to the playlist and it won’t select the current song that’s playing. If you’ve got a long playlist then you have to scroll down and search for that song. I know it’s a small thing but it annoys me a lot because I used it really often.

But one thing I really like is the album view on the music library. The way that the layout and fonts change colors, matching your album colors is pretty darn good I must admit!

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@bookish1 It will be more on topic and less distracting :D

But yeah I’m really missing the playlists on the left and artist/songs dead center :( Now I have to click the playlist bar, which isnt really hardwork . It feels more like I’m scrolling through a blog vs a library of songs, I’ll get used to it I guess

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It’s cleaner, and more streamlined.
The only thing I missed was the Menu Bar, but you can get that back.
Another cool feature (I don’t know if it was there in previous versions) is that you can set the Mini Player to be on top of all the other windows you have so you can still operate it without having to switch between.

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Nooooo, I had resolved to hold off as long as possible, but last night I updated my software so as to be able to watch pr0n again and they snuck in and updated my iTunes!!!

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Something weird: I can’t “Get All” podcast episodes anymore.

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I’m thrilled to announce that my issue of the “Go to Current Song” command through Cmd + L has been solved :) I’m happy again!

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@_Whitetigress : Both a typo and an anagram ;)

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