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How can I upload music to iTunes from my iPod?

Asked by dpman (1points) September 30th, 2010

I have an iPod that was previously sync’d to another iTunes library from another computer. I just installed iTunes on mine, but when I go to upload my music the system tells me it wants to sync my iPod to the newly installed iTunes and will erase my iPod. I do not want to lose what’s already on my iPod!

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Unfortuantely there is no way to reverse sync off your IPOD and back to Itunes using ituns. You will have to get a 3rd party app that will allow you to export your music off your IPOD. You can do it manually but the files are named all weird.

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@mrlaconic is not entirely right. Yes, officially Apple does not like you to put music from your iPod onto iTunes, and takes measures to prevent you from doing this. However, it is also fairly simple to override these measures and get your music.

If you are working on a PC, follow these steps to copy your music from iPod to iTunes.

It’s a little more compicated on Mac. This webpage mentions a few methods of copying music by downloading software (some of which you have to pay for, but there is one freeware program on that list. This video claims to show you how, but I haven’t tried that method and the comments give mixed reviews. But it’s worth a try.

Good luck!

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@ParaParaYukiko – thanks good to know!

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