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We all know that the end of the world is NOT going to happen on December 21. But wouldn't it be funny ...

Asked by elbanditoroso (22225points) December 10th, 2012

All of those doomsday books have been debunked – just about everyone knows that there will still be a world here on December 22 despite what the scaremongers say. This whole end of the world movement is getting rather tiresome.

But in a sick and ironic way, wouldn’t it be kind of interesting if some totally unpredictable natural phenomenon – maybe a good 12.0 earthquake outside of LA, or a volcano near Paris – just popped up a day or two later?

Suppose that happened? Would be hear the chuckles of divine laughter?

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I’m sure that the world will end – in various ways and for a relatively tiny proportion of humanity – for a number of people on that day.

I’m not planning to laugh at them on that account, though.

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There would be no chuckles of divine laughter because there is no divinity, and if there were, it wouldn’t laugh. Well, perhaps it would. If there were divinity, all bets would be off and no behavioral prediction could be accurate.

We’d have a hell of a disaster on our hands, and we’d deal with it. Just like always. It wouldn’t matter that it happened on Dec 23rd or 25th. People would get down to work and help each other out. We don’t laugh when others are in trouble. We help them.

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There might not be a world on 22 December. We have no guarantee it will still be here tomorrow.

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Who needs a guarantee? We ain’t nevah had one befoah!

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My daughter is in Guatamala right now (Myan country) and the dormant volcano Agua just erupted for the first time in recorded history. It’s usually Fuego That erupts. It’s strange to me that I can’t find any news stories about Agua because my daughter posted some pretty spectacular pictures on Facebook.

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Thanks dabbler. The locals must call it Agua.

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Or alien invasion. That would be very funny. Very funny.
I can barely wait

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I could see if electric power went out for someone on that day, they could be all Paranoid Parrot and say, “So this is how it ends.”

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