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Do you remember the playground?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 10th, 2012

Do you have any strong memories of the playground—at any age? What did you do that stands out in your memory?

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There are many awesome playgrounds in my memory. The earliest would be the preschool playground with the monkey bars that looked SO BIG, and the large plastic mushrooms we could climb on, and the slide that half the kids wouldn’t go down because it was so high up there… There was a sandbox underneath the ladder to the slide, and a see-saw – one of the old ones that you could fall off of. Those were the days. I haven’t even seen a see saw in a million years.

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I like to call it my world.

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Oh yes….considering I had my first orgasm spinning on the jungle bars in 3rd grade. lolol

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Fondly! I was on the playground just yesterday. It’s one of the perks of babysitting children :)

My favorite part of the playground is this mechanism that we affectionatley call, “the Spinny thing”. You stand in it and your body weight causes it to spin. It’s absolutley wonderful.

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All I remember is that it used to be bigger when I was younger. It shrunk as I grew.

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We had a metal slide in our playground, which was the left over from a fire escape slide on the side of the building. I discovered we could paint on the side of it with snow and the picture would stay until it melted off.

The slide was removed that summer because someone held his sister on it until she burned and had to be taken to the hospital.

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Metal slides that would burn your legs if you let them touch it (with concrete landing pads). Huge swings that would take you 20 feet off the ground going full blast and tall metal climbing towers, each with nothing but grass underneath. Merry-go-rounds that would make you dizzy enough to puke and big ass seesaws. So much fun, but what the hell were the designers thinking??? Haha. Playgrounds are safer today, but still fun. As a parent, I enjoyed revisiting that with my own kids.

Many playgrounds hold special memories for me. We always lived in apartment or townhouse communities when I was growing up, and the playgrounds in each were always central to my life. It’s where we’d play every day, and not just on the equipment either. In one neighborhood, we’d play ‘house’, hold ‘concerts’ and have mock weddings (we were weird, ok?) My first boyfriend (age 11) and I must have gotten ‘married’ there about 20 times. Even as we got older, my teenage friends and I would say “let’s meet at the playground”, even at night. Favorite hang out spots, even then.

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Both of my elementary schools, kindergarten was one school and 1st through 6th was another. I remember in kindergarten when two boys, after school, went to a cliff less than 50 yards from the playground and dug into the hill.
It collapsed the both died.

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@Tropical_Willie Awww…how tragic.

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Oh yes, probably going to go with the time I was playing on the jungle gym and some girl was playing gymnastics next to me…..accidentally kicked me in the head and put my tooth through my cheek. Yay third grade. Good times.

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The playgrounds in the late forties were boring and unimaginative. Concrete flooring, old-fashioned metal swings and slides, see-saws, roundabouts an jungle gyms…all grey.

We spent most or recess playing hopscotch or jump rope.

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