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Can you hear British accent? What is the Prince saying?

Asked by flo (10480points) December 10th, 2012

I can only make out ”...splendid” ...”....she is getting better” part. What is the rest of it? Is ihe laughing the prank off?

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He says “how do you know I’m not a radio station.” Yes he is laughing the prank off. Then he says he is very proud to be a grandfather.

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Yip, he mumbled a bit…but that is what he said!

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Yes, that’s what he said and yes he was laughing it off.

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I agree with @chyna

The middle sounded a bit like Charlie Brown’s Teacher

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That part I can’t make out is ”....., so that is spelndid.” What is splendid?

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“Very nice at being a grandfather at my old age if I might say so, so that is splendid.”

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If what he is doing is approving the prank, I don’t believe it has any relevance anyway. And I don’t think he is approving or not approving of it. I would expect them to give superficial responses like that to most “reporters” or reporters otherwise he would waste all his time giving thought out answers.

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