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What laws would be broken if you flashed the President for a million bucks?

Asked by dalepetrie (18009points) August 16th, 2010

As you may have read, a British billionaire who runs a site called Battlecam, which is sort of an “upload your own jackass-like stunt” website, has put out an offer to pay $1 million to anyone who successfully disrobes in front of Barack Obama, with the word “Battlecam” written on their chest, while yelling the word “Battlecam”, if they can successfully get the stunt filmed and uploaded onto the website. So, what laws (besides indecent exposure), if any, would a person both daring and resourceful enough to succeed at this mission be breaking?

For example, say the person wrote Battlecam on their chest, put on some clothing that was easy to get out of, and enlisted a friend with a video camera to accompany him/her to a public speech given by Obama. Certainly the Secret Service would tackle the naked person pretty quickly, but what would they charge the person with? What could they charge the person with? And what, if anything, could the prankster who is paying the million dollars be charged with? Would it be a different answer if he weren’t a resident of another country? How do you think Obama would react? And finally, would you do it?

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I’d do it just for a laugh – sadly, 5000 miles away.

I’d say the laws broken, besides Public Indecency and Public Nuisance, have to do with the President’s safety, and, if you are just a Joe Blow, then you shouldn’t have gotten so close to the Prez anyway, i.e., probably broken a couple of Tresspasing laws as well. There could be more.

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It would probably be construed as assault, on a public figure no less, and the Secret Service would rape the shit out of you for trying it.

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Maybe if one were dressed as, say Seven of Nine they would rape the shit out of you – but as a naked ugly guy, I think they would just arrest the shit out of me.

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Worst case, they declare you an enemy combatant or terrorist and ship you to Gitmo.

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Remember, we’re talking about Obama, not W.

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@dalepetrie Oh right. You will not end up in Gitmo. You will end up in Lake Michigan with a pair of concrete overshoes.

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If I did it, would only be a misdemeanor.

Like the old Woody Allen joke…

“My ex-wife was violated,” and the cops asked me to comment on it, and I said “Knowing her, it probably wasn’t a moving violation.”

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depending on the person…some “tools” could be considered a deadly weapon!

How he would react…i’m sure he would have a hugh laugh!

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I’d do it, but I don’t want to hear the words, “how the hell did a manatee get in here?”

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A million bucks? God, this is so tempting! Must resist the urge. Must maintain decorum.

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Nah, i’d flash Michelle however, she looks like a game old bird. Probably invite me into the oval orifice for a private meeting no doubt.

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@ucme LOLL…......just what i expected from my friend.

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@BoBo1946 Why whatever can you mean sir? Me being such an innocent little cherub & all ;¬}

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Lmao….........yeah, right. is see the halo above your avatar!

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@BoBo1946 Nah, that’ll be my pussy magnet, hovering with barely subdued menace….....somebody stop me!! XD

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barely? loll

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You guys crack me up! Love the question.I would do it… what is a few our in jail and all the interrogation. It would be worth it to tell my grandchildren someday. I bet you would become a overnight sensation! Oprah here I come.

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Barack wouldn’t care. He’d just love the press too much.

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Show me the money!!!!!! And get me a plane ticket.

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