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What is the name of this toy from the 1960s?

Asked by Kingkamandi (149points) June 7th, 2008

Not thingmaker or creepy crawlers, but a similar heating toy which kind of worked in a similar way.

You take a plastic cube and heat it up and it turns into a plastic alien or dinosaur. Whenyou are done playing with it it turns it back into a plastic cube.

The toy had an alien or prehistoric backdrop and I believe a plastic dome covered the machine.

I think that stopped making it in the 1970s.

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Was it something you could eat? I used to have something called Incredible Edibles.

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@Seesul, I had that toy when I was a child and don’t remember anything that you would heat up. You basically would build a monster and then drop him in a vat of “Acid” and watch its skin dissolve. Also, I believe that it didn’t come out on the market until the 80s.

A quick Google search revealed this small blurb about a toy with a very similar name:


(scroll down about halfway to see the entry)

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Seesul – Not the right toy.

xyzzz – closer, very much so, but still not it.

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xxyyzzz – This is close enough to be a variation of the actual product I’m looking for. Anybody know the real name?

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Thank goodness. This one was bugging me, I actually had the one xy came up with but put the wrong link and then copied the name from there. I spent some time last night trying to find the Strange Change Machine, but couldn’t think of the name and search terms didn’t work. I was frustrated because I do remember it as well. What’s really bad is that I remember all of the toys mentioned here. My fave was the Vac-U-Form, though I didn’t have one, my neighbor did.

They put out a model in the early 90’s and I bought one for my son, but it only made race cars and the cars didn’t work that well, The one in the 60’s made all sorts of stuff, and my friend would make us jewelry boxes and neat things like that.

It used the same basic machine as the creepy crawler. My son loved that, especially the glow in the dark stuff.

Most of this stuff would be banned today, I guess, afraid the kids would do themselves in.

I still believe Mr. Potato Head was MUCH more fun when we used real potatoes, then eat the bodies for dinner.

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