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What did you get for Christmas and are you happy with your gift(s)?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) December 27th, 2008


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My sister gave me some soap and a book on UFOs.

Never been interested in UFOs, and I have plenty of bathroom products thanks…

My brother gave me a shirt that doesn’t fit me, but just by coincidence is a perfect fit for him.

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about a month ago, my wife and i bought a flat screen TV with HD. COOL! we agreed that was our christmas gift. but, well, i still like to get stuff on “the” day. i got some boxers. woo-hoo! i don’t know, but i always put a lot of thought into christmas gifts and so i go there.

i bought her a GPS, but wish i could have gotten a food processer or a panini press or something like that.

is that wrong?

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No, not at all, I don’t think.

My favorite gift I got was from my oldest daughter. A digital photo frame, which I wanted. I got a memory card for it today. Now if I’m savvy enough to load it up with my pictures, I’ll be in business. If I’m not, you’ll all hear me screaming!

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I asked for many very practical things, and I’m pleased with the turnout.

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Black motorcycle fake leather jacket, cologne set, chocolate.

Yes I’m pleased, the thought is what counts.

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my mom got me a nintendo DS and an awesome game for it :)
my aunt and uncle got me a paint set.
my moms ex got me a giftcard to walmart. I don’t know why.
and my grandma got me some clothes, earrings, and double A batteries.

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I got uggs, a victoria secret gift card, a straightner, yesca, a shirt, and pesos.

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I got a diamond kitty cat necklace! I LOVE IT!!! My husband is so thoughtful!

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No actual gifts. But, my family was together. We got through one of us being quite sick. And somehow, presents seem really quite beside the point.

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When I was asked what I wanted, I said “nothing.” I figure if someone is going to get you a gift – it should be something they think you would like/love. Otherwise, it just feels like a request for them to go shopping for you.

My son got me Barack Obama’s book. My daughter gave me two Yankee Candles – Egg Nog (her favorite! LOL!) and Sparkling cinnamon (my favorite).

My husband bought me a digital picture carrier frame thingy. I guess I can download my pictures from my camera onto this and carry it around. Looks kinda cool. And I got earrings and a matching necklace.

It’s not all about the presents though – like skfinkel said. I had a lot of fun with my sister and her family coming to my house. I wish I could have spent it with the rest of my family, but we live thousands of miles away from each other.

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Got an Apple TV and I love it, but I discovered my library of 100+ HD movies won’t play on the device and need to be re-encoded. Each one will take three or four days to process. :(

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Why do people keep asking this? Not to be rude, but you can just look at the other ones you know.

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I got a new MacBook! from my parents, a $100 from my nanna, a couple of books, some cologne and a USB cup warmer.

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I felt SO SPOILED this year.

My cousin gave me all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD.

My parents gave me Psuedopod Collections 1–4 and Escape Pod Collections 1–6 which are AWESOME. I also got a book light, a body pillow, Crosswords DS, and a bag of Lindor truffles from them. :D

My best friend gave me The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a twin-sized microfleece blanket, a headband with felt moose antlers, some Moleskine notebooks and $25 for Barnes and Noble.

I think the $2 headband is my favorite. hahahaha I opened them on Christmas eve and I wore them all Christmas Day, even when I went out. I love hats and hat-like things, the siller/tackier/uglier the better.

My absolute favorite thing about Christmas, though, was how much my dad liked the books I gave him. I thought he’d like them, obviously, since I bought them for him, but when we went to our family gathering for dinner, he was telling everybody about one of them and talking about how cool it is. :D Nothing makes me happier than giving the right present.

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I am more of a giver than a receiver. I did however receive half a stick of venison sausage, a $20 gift card, and a hug from each of my two favorite co-workers. Of course, I am the type that doesn’t wait until some holiday to give a gift to someone I care about. Gift giving knows no season, in my book.

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i got “batman:the complete animated series” what else an come close to a gift like that? exactly…well maybe a couple things. bit not too many

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A dictionary of etymology. Yay! A gel skin for my laptop. Cool calendars (I love pictorial wall calendars) and some earrings. A few other nifty things. I just know I am going to read that dictionary from cover to cover, and it won’t be my first. I’d rather have a new dictionary than a cashmere sweater or a diamond ring.

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@MacBean – I totally agree. Nothing is better than seeing people open up their gift from you and being so excited and running over to give a hug. I picked some winners this year (with a LOT of thought) and that is a great feeling. And while I don’t think that the Patriots puzzle was the favorite gift that my FIL received, I know he appreciated it more than the 16th shirt he opened….

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My friend Maxine gave me a lapel pin with “Obama ‘08” on it that is a tiny clock. I really like it as an object; but not only that: it was given to her by Ruby Dee. This was not re-gifting; Ms. Dee gave her a bunch to give away.
Maxine knows all the cool people.

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I got a pair of soft and fuzzy house socks with treads on the soles and a small rip-each-day-off desk calendar cube, which was fine by me since I hadn’t asked for, nor expected to get, anything.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve begun to think that presents and such should be for children. I have enough stuff, myself.

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I got a new piano (with wieghted keys finally). I didn’t get an acoustic guitar but oh well.

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I got a pizza stone and a gift certificate to Ticketmaster from my kids. My fella got me books, music, yarn, and a “future gift” which is something that’s not to be released until March. That way the gifts last.

The real fun was that my daughter played host at her place this year, and I got to make the lasagna. I didn’t have to get up early and clean. To top it off my fella made buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and there was snow. :^>

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I love Christmas gifts from my parents—what’s better than picking out what you want? Besides, I’m a bit old for other gifts from my folks and it’s hard to get some things on a plane to get back home!

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I got a new radio/cd/cassette player for the kitchen so I can enjoy music while I’m cooking or cleaning up. I was thrilled with it. My old one was really bad and so much static I didn’t even use it anymore. Some perfume I wanted, and a new Miranda Lambert cd.
I was very pleased with my gifts even though I knew what they all were ahead of time. Oh and some Bath & Body soaps and a candle.

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I got minutes for my prepaid cell phone (which is what I asked for).

I’ll ask for more minutes for my birthday (March).

If I can get more minutes around Father’s Day, I should be able to get by with only paying $30.00 a year for my service.

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I bought myself a 47” tv. I’m glad about it.

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Money’s thin. Rather than throwing our family into (further) debt, we decided to make Christmas gifts. I made my mom a serving dish with clay and glazed it brown and green. My stepdad favors Mustangs, so I threw him a bowl on a pottery wheel and garnished it with the Mustang emblem. My sister received a really time consuming candle box I made. I engraved an owl on one side and paisley print on the other sides.
My mom and stepdad welded a really funky chain holding an anchor for me. They also gave me vinyl clocks and a record bowl. My sister made me an orange octopus patch for my backpack.
Though she didn’t make it, my sister, who isn’t typically sentimental, bought my mom a Jack Daniels barrel stave cribbage board, a board she mentioned seeing a decade ago.
I made my boyfriend a relief sculpture of me holding a moon and him playing a banjo. I painted it with my left hand and drilled two holes in the bottom, connecting the slab to another plaque that I engraved with some lines of a poem he wrote.
Overall, Christmas was really special and came from the heart, as it should.

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@Macaulay – I like this. That’s the kind of Christmas that is special. I hate when everyone goes into debt buying “things’ that really don’t bring happiness anyway. You sound like you are very talented.

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@SABOTEUR – I like the way you’ve planned. You’re being very thrifty!

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