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Should people be allowed to purchase a fast trip through airport security?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 11th, 2012

For $200, you can get pre-screened so you can go through airport security more quickly. Essentially, the government is sponsoring a class system for air travelers. In the process, they may be compromising air security. Or maybe this puts the lie to air security needs entirely. They know the security system doesn’t really add security, so it is fine to let people who pay get through airports faster.

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For frequent business travelers (about 2% of the airgoing public), it saves a lot of time and money.

I don’t think it compromises security in any way.

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I don’t know…is it fair that people can pay some rather hefty tolls to ride in HOT lanes and bypass traffic?

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ABSOLUTELY. Well, not exactly purchased.

We are YEARS late installing a program that would allow flyers to submit to an extensive, one time background check in exchange for documentation that provided properly quick passage.

Welcome to government: The more sense it makes the more eternities are going to pass before you see it.

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Sure, why not? I fly a lot on business, I know how to pack for it and to get through lines quickly, but the lines are ridiculous. If I am willing to pay for a deep background check to be cleared, why not? My being out of the regular line speeds things up for you too.

And it’s the airlines that put a class system on air travelers. Fly first class or business class, and you get to go in an expedited, short, security line anyway.

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@Crashsequence2012 has the bead on it if you ask me. The pre-qualification for those folks does change things. I don’t think it compromises security. It does cost something to verify all their pre-qualification information, and they pay for that.

This is a poor example of ‘class system’ facilitated by government. E.g. “carried interest” provision that allows hedge fund managers to have their income taxed at a far lower rate than it would otherwise. No excuse for that. The blah-blah-blah liquidity arguments for it are utter bullshit. Those parasites have more money than God (i.e. can afford to pay much more tax w/o compromising their comforts etc), are proven job-destroyers and certainly deserve no special treatment.

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No because the reason it takes so long is supposedly bc of security and safety. . People are now being body scanned to ride a glorified bus for our “safety ”. ..if they start selling a fast track airport experience then that would basically be like the airport security violating the privacy of countless bodies just to exploit more people by marketing a way around all the crap they put in the passengers path to get to a plane. I think people PAY for enough and to get things going faster they should reduce the ridiculous policies they have adapted in the past ten years.

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People shouldnt have to have a background check to ride a plane. Its transportation not a job for hire or the military.

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They don’t have to have a background check to ride the plane.
You have to suffer that (and pay for it yourself) if you want to skip some of the routine security theater the rest of us go through.

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