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Where can I buy "curly oregano"?

Asked by occ (4036points) December 12th, 2012

My mom mentioned that she once tasted a variety of oregano called “curly oregano” and thought it was fantastic – she has looked for it ( to grow in her window boxes) but hasn’t been able to find it anywhere. I thought I’d try to find it for her as a gift but my online searches have not worked. The one store I found that had it listed in their online catalog didn’t have it in stock once I tried to order. It’s apparently also known as Origanum vulgare Aureum Crispum. Anyone out there have suggestions or any experience growing this type of oregano? (and yes, I know gardening season doesn’t start for a while, but I thought getting her the seeds now would be a nice gift).

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I’m going to guess at your local Italian food shop

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I guess it depends on where you are. My local grocery store has it.

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“Dwarf Curly Oregano” as pre-started plants at your local Garden Center. When purchasing “Oregano” they say that one should taste the flavor of the plant before buying it, as the flavor can vary from each batch of seed.

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