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Do your pets have their own clothes?

Asked by McCool (463points) December 12th, 2012

Do you buy or make your pets clothes? I was one of those people who didn’t understand why someone would dress up their dog. Then I got one. Now, years later my dog has accumulated her own sweater collection (with a few costumes and one set of pajamas). The little darling is wearing one right now as she is sleeping, and snoring LOUDLY. So, what pets do you have and what are they wearing? (oh my, that sounds strange…)

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I buy little sweaters for my hairless dog so he doesn’t get too cold in winter.

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@Argonon Aw, that’s sweet. It seems like most smaller dogs need something extra to keep them warm. Especially if they are hairless! Hope your little buddy is faring well with the weather :) Mine is a short hair chihuahua, quite hefty (she wears a medium!), and she still gets very cold if she doen’t have a sweater on.

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Sure. It is called ‘fur’.

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@McCool Luckily it’s been a rather warm winter so far so my dog, Scooter, is faring quite well. I think he’s a Xolo mix so he’s rather sensitive to the cold.

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My little old dog lived in the tropics most of her life. We recently moved to a part of the country where the winters are cold and damp and the summer isn’t much better. I have found dog sweaters to be ridiculously expensive so I go to the cheap stores and buy her size 0 sweatshirts then cut the sleeves off or zipper vests. They are easy to wash and she has about 3 or 4 in different colors of course!

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damn, @ragingloli beat me to it.

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Mine has costumes he wears to parties, but not clothes.

My roomers dog has a sun dress, a skeleton costume, a Santa suit, and a raincoat.

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I forgot raincoat, my little dogs wears a plastic shopping bag when it rains. I tape it onto her and when we get home, I snip it off and throw it away! The dingo (much to her chagrin) sometimes wears a garbage bag when it is pouring.

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I think my cats would kill me in my sleep if I tried to dress them up. So, no.

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I keep my clothes to myself, but I did dream about a turtle to which I gave two of my t-shirts two nights ago….

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No, my pets are animals, no clothes required.

If I had any human pets, though, I might let them wear clothes from time to time.

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I tried giving my tortoise a pair of shoes but he just wanted to have sex with them so that had to stop…. :P

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My Jack Russell has a little coat for when we go out in cold weather but, other than that, no, my dogs don’t have clothers. I’m not a massive fan of clothes on dogs if I’m honest.

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My dog has a raincoat because she hates the rain and because she gets sad tail if the muscles around the base of her tail stay wet and cold for even a short time. My cats do not wear clothes, but they may have to start if I ever decide to knit up some of these (the pooch is way too furry for sweaters).

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MIlo here; No, I let Gail run around pretty much like Dobby. As long as the vital parts are covered, I have done my duty.

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@ragingloli Lol. That’s no fun!
@Argonon That’s good! Hope the both of you keep well this winter :)
@rooeytoo Hey, that’s not a bad idea… hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea one of these days, do ya? Your idea is very creative. I would have never thought of converting a regular sweater.
@YARNLADY oh, costumes are always fun. My dog loves the attention that a costume gets her. Kids especially go nuts.
@augustlan Same here with my cat. She’ll let me put a bow on her occasionally, but even that’s pushing it.
@scuniper Sounds like a pretty sweet dream. Also, I’m secretly counting that as a “yes” in my head.
@livelaughlove21 lol! Sometimes clothes are required though. A pet can get sick from cold, or sunburnt from the sun.
@uberbatman WOAH. I can’t look at my tortoise or my shoes the same way again.
@Coloma My dinosaur of a computer won’t load the pictures :(
@Leanne1986 I can respect that. At least you care enough about your dog to protect him/her when they really need it :)
@wildpotato poor thing! I hope your dog is faring well and the weather hasn’t been harsh. Also, link has been favorited
@gailcalled That’s true. As long as the pets are protected. Health comes first :)

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@McCool Yes, I will clothe them if they need protecting from the elements but not as a fashion statement. My best friend has four little dogs (3 Yorkies and 1 Dachund X) and they have hundreds of clothes between them. Everything from little hoodies and jumpers to fancy dress (dinosaur outfits for example).

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@McCool My pics are of my pet goose “Marwyn” in his Xmas bowtie and candy striped socks. haha

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