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Sports Gurus: If Eli Manning could avoid playing for an organization who chose him because of his own liking why don't other rookies do this?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 13th, 2012

You guessed it, I’m a San Diego Chargers fan. I’ve never heard of a player coming from college into the pros deciding where they get to play. Or at least deciding where they don’t get to play. Isn’t the point of having the 1st overall pick to ensure you get a good player that will help and turn around a bad team with a bad record?

I don’t think players coming out of college have a choice when entering a “draft” and should sign with their teams respectively. What are your overall thoughts?

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Under your plan, it’s slavery. The owners can pay the rookie next to nothing, and the player can choose to not play, or be underpaid.
The current system forces the owner to put forth a contract that is worthy of the player, and encourages the player to take it.
If the player and the team cannot come to terms, I believe he must sit out a year or two, then can sign with a different team.
In the case of Manning, he stated he didn’t want to play for the Chargers, so the Chargers set up a trade for him that gave them two strong picks. Nothing nefarious here.

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John Elway did it first, refusing to play for the Baltimore Colts.

It’s all about being able to leverage your talent. Eli Manning is good enough to say where he will play. A second string lineman for the Dolphins or Tampa Bay doesn’t have that leverage, and takes whatever job he can get.

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Don’t be a hater.

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How about a hater hater hater?

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@filmfann “Nothing nefarious here.” I can agree with this, a little bit.

However, during Cam Newton’s draft class he was obviously the #1 pick just as Eli and Peyton were in their respective class. I raise another question, had Cam Newton made a big deal for playing for the Panthers would he have been scrutinized further than Eli was? If every 1st pick player did this what would be the point of the draft? Because I see the point as teams need to rebuild.

@bkcunningham Kudos to Eli for coping with Coughlin and not asking for a trade when Coughlin took the reigns. Eli didn’t want to play for Schottenheimer because he was an “old school” guy and opted to play for the guy before Coughlin (no idea what his name was) and coincidentally that guy get’s hacked and replaced with the Cough. Eli was also cited for not wanting to play for the Steelers under Cowher because he was an “Old School” guy.

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There are specific orders as far as draft picks.. but that doesn’t mean deals aren’t made behind the scenes. It’s not hard to imagine that something like this happened with Eli.

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Archie knew what it was like to play for a shit team and didn’t want his son to play for one. He influenced Eli’s decision.

The coach was Fassel, btw.

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