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This is for a girl with an older brother?

Asked by Miss_Lys (97points) June 7th, 2008

I don’t have an older brother but I hear they are like a second dad, very overrprotective and in your business. So how is it or was it growing up with them? Is that true?

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The relationship differs for each family, depending on the personalities of the brother and sister. I have an older brother and he really isn’t that protective. But frankly, I like to think I don’t need protecting :P. He knows I can pretty much take care of myself. We share a similar sense of humor (sarcastic) and both like to argue ceaselessly about all things so that’s always fun. I think we have a rather cynical view of the world which is good and bad at the same time. Our relationship lacks the “life is good, let’s look @ the birds/bees/rainbows” factor, in a way but that’s how we like it.

On the other hand, my friend and her older brother share the kind of relationship you are talking about. They txt each other and talk daily, they always say “i love you” and are really involved in each others lives. She was getting a belly piercing and he was very mad about it and against it.

Don’t get me wrong, my brother has shades of protectiveness, I just don’t encourage it. He always warns me if i am going the wrong path and tries to talk sense into me, sometimes I listen, other times I mess up and learn from my mistakes :)

I don’t have a sister and always wonder what that would be like.

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Most people have that relationship where they fight with their brother but later on if their are leaving or something they say luv ya or something….. But my brother an I have never done that we really did hate each other with a burning hell passion…. But now he’s going off to college hes been nice and its really weird but I have no knowledge of ever telling my brother that I like him or saying luv ya or anything we just tell each other that we hate each other and then well be cussing at each other

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I’m the older brother and never was interested in my sister’s relationships other than just getting along with two of the guys she dated. She, on the other hand, was “protective” and totally meddling which resulted in our relationship going in the dumpster for a couple of years.

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My older brother was always useless never cares about what happens to any one especially me. Our mom has been very ill lately with cancer and he has done nothing for or my dad he hasn’t even offered to do any thing for her how truely sad is that. Then there is my husbands brother who is the older of the two and he is compleatly different he looks out for all his family he would do anything to make them happy its such a shame he is concerned about my mom and always asking how she is and how things are going and her own son dosent even care that much

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This is for PnL. You say you want to know how a sister would be, well i have 5 sisters and one little brother so there are 7 of us in the family. im the middle child but me and my older sister always do stuff with each other. We practically talk all the time and we tell each other everything….most of the time. Me and her are considered the oldest its kinda like a pair and the 13 and 11 year old are considered the little ones but we are all big to my 4 year old sis and brother. Its fun, me and my older sis hav and interest in make up and practically cosmotology so we give our younger sisters make-overs and sometimes they for play model. So we are always entertained. I hav a split family so it could get kinda chaotic but other than that i love having sister. Yet, my older sister and I are totally opposite we find that we hav a lot in common. I’ve always wondere how it would be having an older brother, thats why i asked this question.

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@ ms. lys – that sounds fun! thanks for sharing :)

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