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Handicapped and homeless in north Tx. can anyone help?

Asked by williampatrickhubbard (13points) December 15th, 2012

I am 41 wheelchair bound and have parkinsons.
recently my wife and I have become homeless.
We live in a small town in north tx with little or no resources.
PLEASE help!
signed: Homeless for the holidays and God bless

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I’m so sorry for your situation, but surely there is some sort of resources in your community. There has to be a church or two or a social services office maybe? Unless some of our members are from Texas the majority of us can only suggest what I have already suggested, unless you are hoping to solicitate cash donations.
It is highly unlikely that anyone will be sending cash to an anonymous person on the internet.
I truly wish you well, find a church, surely you won’t be turned away, or, try to find your way to a shelter in a neighboring community.

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A web search for: north texas shelter for homeless finds several links… by contacting those agencies you will probably have a higher likelihood of reaching people who are familiar with what options and resources are available in your region. Good luck.

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I will be thinking of you as you work through the maze of paperwork to get help. You might also ask your doctor if he has any resources that work with him.

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I am so sorry about your situation!! This is heartbreaking. Do you have any relatives that could assist you with shelter for a little while until you and your wife can find some public assistance? Definitely do check with the churches in your area as suggested by other jellies above me.

Best of luck and please keep us posted!

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