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What can I do to help my friend?

Asked by GoldenDaysAreBest (75points) December 15th, 2012

How can I be friends with someone like this? She’s crazy. She thinks her life is the worst in history. She has one insecurity and she handled it pretty badly. She thinks she’s fat and one guy called her that so she takes it in even worse. But I consider her one of the weakest person I know because this is how she handles her problem; She cuts herself, she wants to make it seem like she hates food, she is smoking weed, and I haven’t even gotten to the worst part. She’s 13. She’s crazy. Like I said. She makes herself not eat. We all have insecurities and she sucks at handling hers. I told her she needs a psychiatrist. And this was all in a single day. She just blurred it all out. But, okay. Listen to this part; If you had a friend with this problem you would obviously try to help her.

But what if her problem involves being a total bitch to her very own friends?

For example; She tells me “So what problems have you had? Family? Heart break? That’s it?” She doesn’t know how much it hurts me when she says my problems are nothing and hers are. She completely went psycho and told off my friend about her eating a taco. She kept saying my friend was gonna die if she kept eating. She said it all to her face. She showed me her cuts 5 times.

I’m starting to think she just wants me to know she’s a lot more mature than me or anyone else. (Because this generation is full of that crap. They think smoking is cool. Even self hurting.) Why show cuts more times than needed? Then she’d show me her towel full of blood and say “I need to wash this. See it’s blood.” Then she showed me her weed. What kind of friend. She’s ignorant.

She says things like “Your just like (friend) who thinks I’m making my problem bigger than it really is.” I wanted to scream at her for making me feel like a worthless peace of shit. But deep down i want to help her. She says she doesn’t feel happiness nor sadness anymore and she doesn’t need help. But she does. I can see she’s insane and needs to stop.

She’s loosing many people because of her attitude and she’s loosing herself because of her actions. How can I make her understand she’s wrong if she doesn’t like it when she’s wrong and refuses to think so. And it bounces back to me because she can think i’m that little girl (who by the way is 15 but no one takes me seriously because I look like a 12 year old.) who is such a goody good and wont grow up.

But that’s the thing. She’s the one who is trying to grow up way to fast. Because she thinks it’s cool. There is no question about it. I want to blur this all out on her face to release the pain she’s causing me. I’m sick of just watching this. I have a friend who just watches things go by and she doesn’t do anything about it. She just thinks it will all blow over. But this is definitely not gonna blow over. She’s acting like a bitch to all of us and she’s getting worse. She can’t just get away with it, right? It hurts me. And it hurts her.

For everything she is doing is affecting not only me but her. I feel like I need to tell her off because she hurt me by saying I have no problems. But I feel like I need to help her because she’s insane. How can I get her help without having her get furious at me? Or am I with the problem? She makes it seem that way. But all I want to do is help. But, another thing. I told a friend everything and that friend hates her. But he ended up saying “Wheres the weed? In your dresser?” Which obviously got her furious. She confronted me on Facebook. And I couldn’t hold it anymore. Mainly because she said “You know, I always knew you couldn’t keep your fucking mouth shut. Looks like that’s the last thing I ever tell you.” So I told her back “And you think your problem is the only problem in the world.”

Then she just told me to stop fucking talking to her. So that’s just an example of “telling a friend”. That’s how she will react. But then again, that friend wasn’t meant to tell her that. He was suppose to keep his mouth shut. I needed to just tell someone! I needed to get it all out! I couldn’t hold it! She was driving me insane! What is this world coming to? I have problems, she has problems, we all have problems. She doesn’t have the right to say this. What can I do?! I can’t wait to grow up and forget these immature humans I’m surrounded by.

I’m not mature myself. But it’s like hell broke loose and I wouldn’t go that far down hill in life like this. And she thinks it’s cool! It’s not cool. It’s not. It’s not! How can I convince someone so ignorant?!

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Please read this somebody. Fully. I need your help. I’ll appreciate it with all my heart.

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