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Is it possible to be desensitized to awesome things?

Asked by AntJR (131points) December 15th, 2012

Do you think it might be? What i mean is, with the things you think are awesome.

I’ve seen so many clever, very deep, creative, original, well thought out, out-of-the-box things. I still think they’re amazing and very cool, I still like them, but I cant express it nearly as much as I used to.

Is anyone else this way too?

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Totally, imagine eating ice cream everyday!

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I eat a hot dog every day and it’s still awesome.

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Yeah. Things get old for some reason. I remember getting bored on a roller coaster ride after riding it for the 3rd time.

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Of course it is. Imagine a person from say, New Zealand, who has seen luscious landscapes and amazing panoramas a lot in the course of his life, and a person from….a tundra lanscape, standing and looking at this. It’s easy to figure out that the New Zealander will be less taken aback than our Snow Man, simply because it is less stunning to him.

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Sure it is. I hung out in Colorado Springs this summer while the wildfires raged atop the mountains and, unfortunately, in town as well. After the third or fourth day, the periodic huge jets of flame and giant billowing clouds of apocalyptic smoke quit being jaw-dropping, which was good because the main drag through town is a 75 mph freeway that runs next to the ridge and it was super hazy.

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Pretty much anything and everything is not as good as the first time except sex…which never gets old!

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I can’t imagine the time when i’ll not be overcome with joyous delight at the sight of lovely pert firm pair of boobs.

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