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What awesome thing has Fluther (or a jelly) turned you on to?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) September 15th, 2012

I was just over enjoying some passive aggressive notes on the site I found thanks to this question. Thanks @aethelflaed. What great and fun things have you found as a result of spending time on Fluther?

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Through a question I made, I discovered Joan Baez thanks to a former member. That was quite a while ago, but I’ve been a fan ever since.

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I LOVE P.A. notes too, sooo funny!

The most awesome thing that Fluther has turned me onto is a community of intelligent, stimulating and FUN people, topics and discussions. I have been suffering a drought of several years in my real life of fun, intellectual and stimulating people.
I am surrounded by dull, rigid, anal retentive types that don’t have a curious or intellectual bone in their body. Well, I have ONE stimulating friend and my daughter and I share similar minds but….Fluther is really a great outlet for me as I am an extrovert that loves fun, stimulating and diverse interactions that I don’t always find with the real people in my life.

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^^ Vee can schtimulate you in many vays my dear, bwah hah ha!

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Some kind Jelly coerced me into using Facebook and got me started on the road to ruin.

@janbb Are we talking about the same site?

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…‘cause I’m sure not getting any when I’m here.

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A bunch of different musical artists.

Some movies.

Some books.

A whole bunch of new friends.

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A fellow Jelly turned me onto a Fluther coffee cup. it now sits on my desk and I use it everyday

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This question just started me off reading some of those passive aggressive notes. Too funny!

Also, Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard who is sadly no longer here turned me on to this artist named Daniel Danger after I complimented his avatar. This guy’s art is super cool, and it’s some of my favorite that I’ve ever seen!

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A jelly let me download Apple’s iDVD software, which Apple does not have anymore. Another jelly mailed me a US quarter to complete my coin collection. Awesome jellies. You know who you are!

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Through a question I made, I discovered Joan Baez thanks to a former member.

I’ve been lovin’ Joan since 1965.

Who introduced her to you?

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I heard about reddit/imgur from Fluther posts.

I’ve also gotten tons of great stuff in the mail from jellies, such as a fluther mug, a used, but working in perfect order ipod, a headset for my cell phone, and last but certainly not least.. a pair of panties.

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@FutureMemory Did HC send you a pair of panties?

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Hmmm..I can’t remember who sent them, actually..:P

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Oh I forgot! Someone here gave us a link to a couple of free porn sites. I’m sure that saved a few people a some bucks.
(spelled with a ‘b”)

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One of the all time best gifts of humor was the person ( troll ) that claimed to be walking, fell on a cactus and were rectally impaled!
The funniest thing ever!
Can’t find the link…maybe gone forever.

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Come to think about it… there is nothing. Not one single thing. So WTF am I still doing here?!

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Are you in a grumpyfish mood tonight or what?That was very negative! :-(
What about my poem to you in TJBM thread saluting your self proclaimed omniscience? Pffft! :-p

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@Coloma It’s just a passing phase, one of my bad days

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Sorry to hear that, well cheer up and cheerio! :-)

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@Brian1946 It was Katawagray, when I asked this.

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The most recent thing was Ghostery, courtesy of @johnpowell.

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Ooooo! @SavoirFaire I just loaded Ghostery too. It’s great! Thanks @johnpowell!

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So funny you should ask this as I was thinking of @whatthefluther today because I was listening to a song he had recommended a couple years ago. Another jelly @imadethisupwithoutanyforethought recommended Mad Men and I love the show.

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@LuckyGuy what a rotten person to do such a thing.

Music, mostly.

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Many things… I fell in love with strength psychology after talking with one Jelly, and became much more interested in the mind-body-soul connection after talking intensely with another Jelly. And ohhh, who can forget being introduced to male hula dancers… niiiice! Those are just three off the top of my head—there are many more new interests I gained from Fluther :) :) :)

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Well, @hungryguy (is he still around?) turned me on to his erotic fiction. Which tickles the darker corners of my brain quite nicely, thank you.

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@Seek_Kolinahr He, along with Smash, enlightened me to the existence of a whole set of fetishes that I didn’t know existed. Made me realize there’s more out there going on in peoples’ heads than I realized.

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