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What was this brief illness I had and what was my medication?

Asked by Aster (18381points) December 16th, 2012

Twelve years or so ago I became so weak I couldn’t hold my head up one day. I put it down on the table when choosing wallpaper! After a couple days of this I called my old doctor and she called in some medication and I was well very quickly. Does anyone know what was wrong with me and what the medicine could have been? It feels like it’s coming back lately but not as severely. I have no other symptoms.

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It may have been H Pylori which I had a second time. Not sure.

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H. pylori? That is the stomach ulcer bacteria.

It sounds more like the flu, did you have a cough?

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Do you remember who the doctor was that called in the medication for you? You could try calling them.

Does your new doctor have your old records? If so, you could ask them to look through your records for that information.

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JLeslie , no cough. Seaofclouds, the doctor died. No one is there anymore. It’s a cafe or something. I did have H Pylori once definitely. One problem I have is severe insomnia. That is, falling asleep like a baby then waking up and not being able to return to sleep. It is horrible. It makes me a demon during the day.

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Could have been anything from anemia to an arrhythmia. Can you get your old records?

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What about the pharmacy you used to get the medication? They might still have it in their record.

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I had a light go off in my head and began taking Bactrim. In half an hour I felt better and in an hour most of my energy was back. I had no idea a UTI could cause so many symptoms. Luckily ? I had a pile of Bactrim in the bathroom. If I get a fever I will go to the doctor. I guess that would mean it’s in my kidneys. I feel pretty good now!

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