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Did you map yourself yet?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 7th, 2008

In an effort to keep this project alive I am reposting this. Please put yourself on the fluther map! Go to here . Then, if you have a gmail account, log in. If you don have one then you might have to make one. Then click “edit” and you can add a pin right where you live. Tell your friends.

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and this is for what?

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This will show you where your fellow flutherites are located.

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MeeThree! Thanks PtB for the updated instructions-I was a bit confused as to how to do this earlier!

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Yay for maps and fluther!

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You know I’m mapped =p

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eambos gimme summa your blueberries!

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Im a little farther north. Uberbatman is the one with those blueberries. They taste mighty fine, I may add.

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I couldn’t do it!!!

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PtB you are comfortably close!

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@2late2be: I couldn’t initially do it either, and this is what I discovered (reposting from second thread):

I found that I was already logged in to my Gmail account when I opened the map. I had to log out and then log back in to find the pin to place on the map. Maybe that will help!

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I’m mapped!

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All mapped, and I added fabulous as well.

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I think I messed it up! I tried to add myself, but I don’t see the pin. Would someone fix it for me? I am in Bedminster New Jersey. thanks!

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Got it, Scamp. =]

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thanks everyone!

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Thanks Allie!!

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You’re very welcome, Fluther buddy!

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YAY! I feel so special now. I’m on the map!!

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I cant seem to add a pin… :/

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