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Have you joined the Fluther Map?

Asked by eambos (8909points) June 6th, 2008

playthebanjo had a very interesting idea- map out the location of the other Fluther users. If you haven’t added yourself, or would like to see what it’s about, here’s the link.

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I’m going to when I get home. I can’t get to it from work for some reason. I think it was a great idea!

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Do you have a gmail account? If you log into that then you should be able to add a pin nearby to where you live.

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Just added myself to the map :)

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Thanks for posting the link again! I wasn’t sure about the fluthetiquette (fluther + etiquette) of reposting a topic just to bring it back to the fore.

: )

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I do, but I haven’t used it in a long time, so I will get the pasword off my computer at home and put up my pin then.

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I feel that this is certainly important enough to keep going. I’ve always wondered where the person I am conversing with is located in the world. Once again, Great Idea!

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i marked mine exact, so if anyone feels like visiting :)

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As did I, and they just updated my satellite image for the first time in 3 years!

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I had no idea XCNuse was also in Georgia. This is awesome!

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i dont get it, how do i add myself

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Hey I’m just glad there was at least one other Georgian in here haha

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waterskier: look back about 10 hours. There is a post by me with the directions. I would post the link but I cant copy and paste.

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i actually figured it out, thanks, i should have poked around a bit more before i asked but i knew i would get a quick answer here. thats pretty cool, hopefully more people post on there

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sweet idea.

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whoever had a placemark by st. louis, i apologize: i accidentally moved it.

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Keep the Fluther map alive…

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I put my place on yesterday, but it’s not exact, I’m weary about this things ;)

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“Have you joined the Fluther Map?”

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It’s very cool, but I’m afraid I’m stumped as far as getting on to it.

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Click the link. Then, if you have a gmail account, log in. If you don have one then you might have to make one. Then click “edit” and you can add a pin right where you live. Good luck!

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And I found that I was already logged in to my Gmail account when I opened the map. I only found the pin to place on the map once I logged out and then logged back in. Maybe that will help.

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Did it! Yeah! It was a little confusing at first. I was mostly just scared I was going to mess up somebody else’s marker or text. Got it though!

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great! Thanks for taking part!

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I added mine. The only Tennessean thus far.

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