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How do you make money off Youtube?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1586points) December 16th, 2012

I’m planning to, but I get confused by making an AdSense Account with Google. You have to do that, right? The thing is I don’t want to enter anything yet unless I absolutely understand what this means. Because I read somewhere in the AdSense terms that you need to fill out a W-40 tax form or whatever? Does this mean that I would technically be under employment by Google/Youtube? Like. . .is this legally a “job” then? Because if so, I’m not sure if I’ll go through with it. If you’ve done this, I would appreciate all the details of how this works. (But even if you don’t but know all about it, obviously pray tell)

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I’m sure you’d get a paystub and you can calculate the taxes removed there after. Do it. YouTube is where it’s at for no college degree needed jobs/

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@_Whitetigress Well, the thing is I already have a job. Surprisingly, for having gotten out of college already this year. But I still want to do this on the side, like pocket money. I thought it would be something simple like using PayPal, but some of the terms on the AdSense list made me hesitant when it started talking about filling out tax forms.

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Not sure, great question. Have thought of this myself. But regards the tax form any personal income needs to be declared. That is law.

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You make videos, and you monetize them. When you’ve got enough views and clicks that you’re making money, they’ll tell you how to create the account you need to be paid.

Yes, you have to pay taxes, and yes, it’s income. It’s 1099, I believe – private contractor income. You’re not an employee of YouTube.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I see, but when you say pay taxes that comes from the money Youtube gives you, right?

And what’s $10.99? How much every “click” is worth or something?

So you have to monetize them FIRST and then deal with the whole AdSense thing? They notify you if you’re qualified in other words?

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Tax form 1099.

And yes, they don’t make you bother with an account if you never get enough clicks to make money.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ah, okay, that clears the sequence of events up. Because other places make it sound like I have to create the AdSense while I’m monetizing them, which felt confusing. Thanks.

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Yeah, monetizing is really easy. You just have to promise that everything is your own material.

Be warned – if you have a high-view video already there might be some copyright claim on it already. My son’s jam session video (Metal Baby on Vocals – trust me, it’s adorable.) was apparently shown on a Peruvian reality show. They tried to claim copyrights and I had to go through YouTube deliberation for a month or two before they finally dropped the claim. Pain in the arse.

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