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Math question (woodworking, not homework)

Asked by Strauss (20762points) December 17th, 2012

I recently found a lot of bookshelves on Craigslist. I am re-purposing some of them to build doll houses for Christmas for a couple special little girls. I’m using the same plan for both houses. The height of the house at the gable is 49½”; the gable has a 10 degree rise. If the overall width of house the is 33”, what would the length be at the outside edge of the house?

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Maybe I don’t know enough about architecture, but I’m not so clear what you mean to ask? When you say, “at the gable,” do you mean pinnacle of the gable or where the gable meats the base structure house? If you look at this picture, do you mean the width of the base of the yellow area?

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@bolwerk Thanks. The height of the house, 49½”, is measured all the way up to the pinnacle of the gable. And yes, the overall width of the house, 33”, is the width of the base of the yellow area in your picture.

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So, basically, you are trying to figure out how to cut the pieces for the roof? (Somewhat tricky, because I suspect you need to mitre them.)

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No, I have a miter saw, and I only have to miter the roof pieces 10 degrees off square. I’m trying to find out the length of the outside edge, from the bottom of the grey part along the edge to the top where the grey part, the yellow part, and the roof all meet.

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I figured it out with my trusty speed square. It’s 45¼” on the short side of a 10 degree miter.

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