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Isn't it time for Fluther to come up with a prediction as to when the world's end will be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) December 18th, 2012

And when will that be, nostrajellies?

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I can’t pick the lottery numbers. . . . How am I going to get the end of the world right? ? ?

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We don’t know when it will be. But it can’t be that much longer. We live in an age like no other.

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The world will not end until the sun becomes a red giant in about 5 billion years, incinerating Earth. Humanity, however, might be long extinct by then.

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The world will end on the day I die.

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Dec 23rd 2012. Alien Invasion.

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Unfortunately, now is not the time for fluther to make this prediction. If we make a prediction now, it will be wrong. I will tell you when it is safe to make a prediction.

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@JenniferP Every age is an age like no other. That is how ages are defined.

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The world will end when harple hits 10K!!! Who want’s to host?

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@glacial Since 1914, we have seen many wars, including two world wars. mankind has the potential to annihilate himself (no other time was the potential there). Rev. 11:18 says God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. It can truly be said that we have done great environmental harm to the earth.

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@JenniferP I am sure that all of these claimants thought their reasons were just as good as yours.

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I think it will be a Tuesday.

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re: 11:18 – Here is some fun good book stuff for the kids.

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@tom_g Ah! I love the Brick Testament.

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About 20 minutes after I find I won the Powerball lottery. Just enough to realize it, no time to enjoy it.

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I wonder if the Fluther End of Days would be heralded by a second coming of Ben and Andrew. And all the waters would recede from the earth, leaving the jellies high and dry.

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When the last jelly disintegrates.

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@glacial- I gave some pretty convincing evidence.

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@JenniferP Oh dear, I believe that this question was meant to be light-hearted…

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@glacial It still gives me an opportunity to educate people about the time we are living in.

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^^ huh?

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I’ve been hoping it would end for the last 2 years, before I run out of money. lol
Shit…if it does end on Dec. 21, I won’t get to give my Christmas presents or celebrate my birthday.
So, it can end on Dec. 27th, the day after my birthday. :-)

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November 3rd, 3056. At 11:11 PM.

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@JenniferP I’d love to hear such evidence, provided it is more than vague biblical verses (talk about an oxymoron).

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I just told you some of the evidences. Two world wars, man ruining the earth, etc. That is evdence outside of the Bible. And there is nothing vague about the Bible.

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@JenniferP Bad things happening on earth is a sign of the end of the world “outside of” the Bible? How so?

And you said you had convincing evidence AFTER you mentioned those things. So, I’m still waiting on such evidence…

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Ok, I’ll ask ask it.

@JenniferP In the list I posted, there are five specific end of the world predictions by the Jehovah Witnesses (that’s not counting the nine specific predictions by their precursors, the Bible Student Movement). Are you working from a different bible than they were? Because if indeed “there is nothing vague about the Bible”, shouldn’t there be a single date instead of so many? Or shouldn’t all have agreed that there is not a specific date?

Why do you think there have been so many wrong predictions? And doesn’t that tell you that your current sense that “it can’t be much longer” is probably just wishful thinking, just as it was for them?

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@Glacial The Bible students were not their precursors. They were one and the same just by a different name. You are wrong that there are five specific dates where we predicted the end of the world. I think you mean a couple but it isn’t your fault for being wrong because our opposers put out incorrect info about us. Plus, we never said the end would come in 1975. We said the end of 6,000 years of human history came in that year and we added that it would be interesting to see if there was any significance for that year and the end but we added that we were not making any claim of the end. Individual JWs took it wrong. However, for most it was a very uneventful year. The Bible students did not make 9 predictions of the end.

The Bible becomes less vague as time goes on. In Proverbs it talks about the “light that is getting lighter and lighter” as the time goes on. Another scripture says that knowledge would become abundant in the end times. Anyway, what I was referring to that wasn’t vague was the predictions in Matt. 24:1–14 not the Bible as a whole.

I will talk more about the JWs mistakes tomorrow, but I have to go to bed. I actually have already talked about that subject before in this forum.

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When humanity abandons Bronze Age belief systems and starts to work things out as a society on a scientific basis. At that point we might make some real progress, so of course the world will end then.

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Maybe this is what the Mayans predicted. Not an asteroid, or a solar flare, but the end of what we are. We no longer cherish life, or other people, even the earth or the animals and resources put on it. War, genocide, abuse, senseless mass murder, animal cruelty, gluttony, greed, waste and hate… Look around you, the end of the world is already here.

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Probably in about 1 billion years when the sun has become a red giant and evaporates the Earth’s oceans. Some predictions vary about this, and maybe I’m off by a ‘few’ years.

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