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Can someone give me some information on chronic kidney failure?

Asked by sawyera (1points) December 18th, 2012

I’m 20 just diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease/failure but I don’t have my follow-up with my physician for another month. I’ve been feeling really anxious about this and I admit I dont know much about it. I only have the one kidney. Does the disease progress and if so how long does it take to go from stage 2 to end-stage? I’m too young for this lol

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You don’t have to wait for your next visit to call and ask questions that are bothering you.

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Hi, @sawyera, welcome to Fluther.

Holy moly, I am so glad you asked this. I just discovered a family member has kidney disease, so I need to learn about it, too.

So I just wanted to say, Hi. Also, keep a piece of paper around to write down any questions as they come to you. So you won’t forget when you see the doctor.

And @YARNLADY is right about calling.

Also the National Kidney Foundation website has lots of info

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Surely, given the apparent gravity of your situation and your earlier experiences, you and your doctors have discussed at length the ramifications of the diagnosis?

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My dad just died from chronic renal failure. He was stage 4 when diagnosed and lived for 4 years without dialysis. Drs. expected him to be dead within 6 weeks.

With dialysis, you can have years of quality life left. It is indeed something that has to be addressed, but it is not in and of itself terminal. If you are a good candidate for transplant, you won’t even need dialysis once you get a new kidney.

Good luck with your treatment.

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I know you guys probably think I’m an idiot for not just calling my doctor, but i don’t reallyhave a family doctor, it’s just a doctor at my college campus who is monitoring me. The campus is now closed for the holidays and my appointment is when they open again in january… so i don’t really have anyone to call. I was just looking for some information to hold me over until then really

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At 20, I would think you will be a good candidate for a transplant and that is likely to happen at some point.

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Is there any way to control it or reverse it even with medication or something without having to get a new kidney??

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@sawyera I don’t know where you are or I would look them up for you. Do a Google search for kidney support groups. I did a quick search and there seem to be quite a few. If you pick on in your own country, the info will be relevant to your healthcare options. The value of such groups over us is that these are people living with kidney disease. They will be able to answer any questions you have until you can speak to your doctor again.

As @jaytkay suggested, do write down the questions you have as you think of them and don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor. Call up and ask to see the doctor again if you have questions or just need some reassurance. I think when we hear news like this it can be such a shock we forget to ask and then we have to come to terms with actually being sick! So, it’s okay that you didn’t know what to ask straight away.

Good luck! Let us know how you go.

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If you go into dialysis, they should have some information on support groups in your area. Support groups are a real asset, at the least they let you know others have faced the same thing you are facing.

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Stage 2 is a mild reduction in kidney function. The fact you have one kidney can contribute to that staging. Stage 2 is no where near needing dialysis or transplants but you should look for a nephrologist to manage your disease due to the importance of preserving the remaining function of your solo kidney. I would not delay on seeking a nephrologist. Just managing the things that lead to worsening kidney function such as high blood pressure, dehydration, and substances that can injure the kidneys(ibuprofen is an over the counter medication that is commonly used that has the potential to damage the kidneys) can preserve the rest of your kidney function for a very long time. Please talk to your school health office about finding a nephrologist right away.

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