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Why arrest this Utah 6th grader for bringing a gun to school as defense for possible attack?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 19th, 2012

Isn’t it time to let the NRA and all gun loving Americans who approve of assault weapons expand America’s gun culture to each and every citizen who has a right to protect themselves?

Link to news.

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Thank the gods it’s not Florida. I don’t think I could handle it at this point.

“The boy also had ammunition, although the gun was not loaded and it was not immediately clear whether the bullets were the appropriate ammunition for the gun, Horsley said.”

Gun at school and the wrong ammo? Score one for the parents properly securing the gun, score two for their “age-appropriate training in firearm use” that they probably use to justify having one in the house.

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I want to know what his parents have to say about it.

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If I use the term “Gun Culture” I can make the problem seem bigger that it is!


Rape is a serious problem but what can we do to some how make it sound more serious?...

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@Crashsequence2012 It doesn’t need to be big. We don’t need a lot of violent people to terrorize. People are paranoid every time they see a Muslim, which is unwarranted. It is nit saying all Americans are gun loving, it is saying the Americans who are gun loving might need to rethink a little. And, even within that culture no one thinks all people who own and shoot guns are all violent or criminals. But, we should take pause to think about how the messages we say fall on our kids.

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“Rape is a serious problem but what can we do to some how make it sound more serious?”
I do not know, but I do know how to make it seem less of a problem:
Just manipulate the numbers to only contain legtitimate rape.

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Ron Paul believes in honest rape. But all rape babies are a gift from God. As long as they don’t need WIC benefits.

As for the 6th grader, I don’t really blame him. He’s following the example of the adults around him who themselves think these delusional thoughts.

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Loaded guns do not belong in schools for any reason.

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He should have left it in his car, just like the teachers do. In case of attack. Then they run out and get the gun and take out the attacker.

Unless of course he didn’t have his license. But shoot! If you can have a license for a gun at age 6 in Utah, surely you must have a drivers license at age 4.

This is satire, folks. My strange sense of humor. It’s absurd. Come on. Smile!

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I can understand a kid’s being scared and thinking that having a weapon will help him feel safer. Not that I’d condone it, only that I can comprehend the impulse.

I can’t understand a kid’s waving a real gun around in the schoolyard, showing it off, making threatening remarks and gestures, and pointing it at someone’s head, as reported in the story you linked. That’s not about self-defense. That’s menacing behavior. How would one justify not arresting him?

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If a gun is going to be present, it needs to be under the control of a trained professional.

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Oh, but there is no such thing as rape babies. After all, if you are truly raped, the female body has a way to shut this thing down. So if you get pregnant, you obviously were not raped, but wanted it.

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@ragingloli: I know, but you can’t deny that it would be a blessed gift from our Lord if such a rape conception did happen. A miracle, in fact!

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^ Want to lurve this exchange, but can’t bring myself to do it.

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It certainly would. And the woman should in fact drop to her knees and pray to the Lord to thank him for being raped and to be raped again soon for another miracle, and then, if she was not married at the time of the rape, marry the rapist to thank him for playing his role as God’s messenger.

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@ragingloli: Luckily, if the Lord decides it’s not going to be a miracle, her body can secrete some holy caustic chemicals that kill invading sperm in defense of her tribe’s genetic purity. No matter what, the woman always comes out ahead!

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Callin troll here. I hope no one can really be this fucking stupid…

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@uberbatman: mainly only GOP Senate candidates, umkay?

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