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Are all these news items re. toddlers killing family members for real?

Asked by flo (13313points) October 15th, 2018 (“toddlers killing with a gun” Google Washington Post)
“In many of these shooting cases, a toddler finds a gun and accidentally shoots himself with it, 27 out of the 43 toddler shootings involved self-inflicted injuries. Earlier this month in Ohio, for instance, a 3-year-old boy found his father’s loaded gun in the kitchen and fatally shot himself in the head with it.

“But shootings of other people are common, as well. Last weekend in St. Louis, a 2-year-old found a loaded handgun and accidentally shot and killed his father, who was asleep at the time.”
How is it physically possible for a 2 or 3 yr. old to 1)lift the gun up (in some cases I guess) and then 2)be strong enough to pull the trigger, and hit a person at the crucial enough place to severly injure and/or kill?

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The shootings are accidents. These kids are not aiming. For instance, the dad who was shot, his kid was probably trying to bring the gun to him, to play together. If kid was going to climb onto couch or bed or chair, and hold gun… hands up by dad, grip-squeeze.
Some guns are easier to fire than others. Semiautomatic handguns are much easier to fire than revolvers or shotguns.

Considering the awkward handling, it makes me wonder how many times nothing was reported, because nobody was hit.

Also, I have noticed several shootings in the news where the victim transports theirself to a hospital, and can’t seem to identify their “attacker” or exactly where they were shot.

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@Patty_Melt Of course, they to be accidents. I’m just blown away by the sheer numbers!

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My point is, being accidents, the kids would not likely be holding the guns in traditional fashion, but rather braced in some way, such as between their legs, sitting on the floor, while trying to mess around with safety and trigger, looking down at what they are doing.

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A toddler may look down the barrel to see what they can see while fumbling with the trigger. Simple as that.
A toddler who hits someone when the gun goes off is just one of no doubt many guns that go off that way and NOT hit anyone. So this would just be fate (pure odds) at work.
Shit DOES happen!

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The numbers are staggering because there are a staggering number of morons out in the world.

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Ok, the article is just about 2017, and still that doesn’t sound like an outrageous number?

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Even 1 sounds like an outrageous number, @flo.

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@Patty_Melt I see you’re addressing my “lift up the gun” part. I acknowledge that.

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