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At what point you stopped going to school to concentrate on working full time on your calling?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 7th, 2008

Some people find highschool was enough to get them to where they needed to be in order to begin doing what they love, others felt they needed to bet a B.A. or more. What about you?

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That point will be after medical school for me…..still working on it. how was it for you?

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I would like to drop out of high school right now (a junior, senior in sept. ), but I don’t have the balls to. I’d like to not go to college, but it’ll be the same problem.

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You should be so lucky to know what your calling is – why let anything get in the way

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Right after high school. =(

@ petethepothead- I said the same thing but now, I wish I’d at least attempted to go to college.

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@randy – why do you feel it’s too late?

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I work to much at the moment.

Honestly though I just make excuses because I’m not sure how to get started.

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I never even got to school. I give everything I do my full attention. I work hard to be the best at.

I don’t spend time in school when I could be learning and perfect my craft on my own.

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I plan on going to school, as in college, for atleast four years. Unless something that will make me a lot of money comes along, doubt it.

Parents will be paying, so I say, why not take advantage of something useful.

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after I graduated college. BS in Fine Arts.

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Education is where you find it…the question can really have a wide range of answers…many vocations do not require college-level training and are best suited to an apprenticeship model. Some fields require years of specialized study in an advanced (post-secondary) academic setting.

I can understand why many youth today feel disenfranchised and are apathetic about pursuing life and career goals-they often lack basic skills and initiative from their biggest role models-parents and teachers.

You would be best off finding an environment that allows you to research and explore what it is you feel you are genuinely good at and enjoy, and research the path that gives you the highest probability if being successful.

I will say that in most industries here in America, a high school diploma or equivalent are required by employers.

Seek this knowledge out for yourself and don’t rule out the possibility of getting help from academic counselors at your local community college-for many this is the best (ad only option) if you’re an independent young adult.

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sndfreQ raises a really good point. I have dealt with people who went through the motions all the way through college and were hired out of college into a position that was way out of their league because they had no people or practical skills what so ever. Being able to recite a book or work a program doesn’t cut it.

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