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Could we breed the Golden Bear to be short and domesticated?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 19th, 2012

This video of a cub attacking a man just makes me wonder.

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Like a Jack Nicklaus mini-me?

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@_Whitetigress are you thinking what I’m thinking? :D OMG by all means let’s do THAT!!!

(Sorry I do not have anything concrete for you but I like the idea of a domesticated bear :-)

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I think the cub was playing. They do that with each other.
If there was a market demand for domesticated bears, we would begin to see them. Until then, there is no real reason to take the risk and expense of trying.

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I am trying to imagine someone trying to milk a bear.

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There are grizzlies with polar bear skin. (Polar bear’s have black skin under their fur.)

But I am thinking one time watching the Grizzly Man for all his idiotness, drug induced or not was enough. No reruns.

There are people that befriend bears here. It is just a bad practice on too many levels to begin to explain.

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