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Anyone got any strange, or funny or good Christmas lunch/day stories?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) December 20th, 2012

One Christmas, we invited a few people around for a luncheon, one was a fitness trainer. While I was dishing each persons plate up, the trainer asked “Can I have the white meat?”.

I said of course.

She proceeded to take ALL the white meat, even putting some in tin foil to take home later. We were left with the legs and brown meat. People are strange?

I have a few, so add as many as you like!

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Or even Christmas night stories.

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That is pretty weird, @Shippy.

Mmmmm, one Christmas eve I gorged myself on pastries, and went into a tailspin because I calculated my insulin dose wrong and ended up with very low blood sugar. I didn’t want to wake my parents up and I was in survival mode, so I ate every candy cane on the Christmas tree including some plastic wrapping.

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I have an uncle who lives nearby and we used to see him just once a year which was around Christmas when he delivered a card. One Christmas day he turned up with card in hand and with a few drinks inside him and the visit proceeded along the following lines.

Hi, here is your card, talk a load of rubbish for an hour, his wife appears to see where he is, he goes to the toilet, turns to close the door, falls in the bath, had to be lifted out in the same way as you would lift a child from the bath, bye happy Christmas, stagger home.

I don’t think he has been back since then.

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One Christmas luncheon, I was invited by a new girlfriend I had just met. I didn’t realize two of her ex girl friends where there, plus one that had a pash on her. I was glared at the entire luncheon. Talk about indigestion.

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@Shippy : a pash!!! Is this SA slang for a crush? Never heard it. Anyway, that luncheon sounds more than a little awkward!

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@bookish1 Not sure, I might have made that one up!!

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YEARS ago, I was having dinner with a new boyfriend’s family. It was pretty informal, seeing as Christmas was mid-summer and there was swimming in the pool planned. We all sat around the dinner table after watching the roof of my painstakingly designed ginger bread house melt and cave in. I tried to laugh, but felt ruined that I didn’t take into account the high temperatures and the melting point of chocolate.

At dinner, my boyfriend’s younger brother was being absolutely obnoxious as an early 20-something can be who dropped out of college, but still thought he shat gold could. He went on and on about how much he spent going out and the girls he had laid waste to and how much this and that cost that he wanted and had. In the end, I handed him the saucer from under my coffee cup and said, ‘Here, Merry Christmas. This is for you.’ He asked, ‘What is this?’ I answered, ‘Oh, well, from the sounds of it, I thought you would appreciate something shallow.’

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When I was 16 I found everything embarrassing. Something you would make sure NOT to tell my dad. I found him and my gran and mother wearing paper hats “embarrassing”. So of course they wore them all through the luncheon, then in the car, singing loudly all the way home. Stopping at the shop to buy something then onward again!! My dad even wore his for a few days until it ripped and fell apart.

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Not on Christmas day, but a couple of days before it I remember that a cousin would get hyperactive due to additives in various sweets and he had been given some of them for a treat by his mother and more by me and more by his grandfather. (we had no idea he had been given them by different people) I then took him to see Father Christmas and he was given his present and on this occasion it involved a pack of plastic instruments such as a flute, a drum, a tambourine and a few other things.

They then had to drive for 3 hours to get home and due to the sweets the instruments lasted about an hour before they were left abandoned in a rubbish bin in a layby due to the 1 cousin band that was going on in the backseat with a constant banging of the drum, shaking of bells, blowing of a trumpet.

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I missed being born on Christmas by about 2 hours. I was a considerate infant, let my mother have her Xmas dinner before I came a knockin’. lol

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@Coloma: Did she eat Christmas goose?

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@hearkat Haha, no…but I was born in New Mexico and my native american totem animal is the goose.:-)

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