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So I finally have a break from my studies and I don't know what to do....any ideas?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) December 16th, 2009

So I just got off for the holidays and my holiday break is exactly 3 weeks. The problem is, which I have to admit is a wonderful problem to have, I don’t know what to do with all this time. I thought about studying but that’s not going to take up much of my time, maybe three days at the most. So what do you all suggest? I would prefer ideas that involve spending time with family and friends. Especially things that can be found in the dallas area- where I live.

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Exactly what you’re doing now, fluthering.

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Check out

Just explore.

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@erichw1504 Well do you have any more ideas?

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Dallas on About. There’s also a “Family Activities” category on the left.

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id say throw a few parties, and have a ton of fun

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Yeah @erichw1504 I looked at the list and I didn’t really find much on there. Save for the rock climbing and museums. What do you suggest personally? I want something where my family can all enjoy themselves without one feeling left out or bored. I was thinking about a family game night but my family is becoming bored with them so I want to incorporate some other activites. Preferably ones where we can all go out and do something. @shadowofdeath Possibly but my family really wants to go out of town and do stuff. Unless you know a place where we can have one.

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@Ailia well where about do you plan on going and i may be able to tell you where to have some fun

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Well specifically Dallas around Fair Park. I want a place where we can all go, even the younger ones.

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Have sex in numerous new positions. Your partner(s) will love you for it.

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@Ailia i dont know too much about that area but there are a few museums, an aquarium (i loved those as a kid), there is a planetarium, and there is also an imax theater around there

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@UScitizen Yeah, I don’t think that will be happening. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment.

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@shadowofdeath Do you think the imax theater is worth it?

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@Ailia well i think imax theaters are awesome but they are a bit pricy, oh and if your looking to go out somewhere there are some spots out there to grab a drink or whatever

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You can Fluther and masturbate. Perhaps both at the same time.

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@shadowofdeath Sounds good. Any suggestions on which movies to see?

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@Ailia not really besides the only one i found was a movie on dinosaurs kind of a documentary

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Combat Arms. One of the best online games I have ever played. NTM the recent addition of voice chat, so now 3-year-olds have the choice between spamming the heck out of others or blowing out their speakers with their squeaky little voices. What fun!

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Grab an ice cold beer a bag of chips and sit down an fluther! Or you could have sex and forget the whold fluther idea! Sex comes over beer and chips!! Maybe throw come peanuts into the sex act! No clue how, but use your imagination and get back to us with results! LOL Fun And Great Question!!!

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@NUNYA ok this may be a little difficult but if you try hard enough you can have beer chips and sex all at the same time, or if your lazy beer and sex is quite easy to do simultaneously.

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Play video games with your friends – sure help to relax your mind after all the studying. Or you can go for volunteer/charity works, which will teach you the humanity side of life. Or if you have money, go for a holiday with family.

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@NUNYA Uh thanks? :) @citizenearth That sounds like a good idea, I haven’t been with my friends in forever and a holiday sounds really good right about now. :)

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But a plane ticket to California and go skydiving. You’ll NEVER forget it.

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Guess you have found your answer!? Hope you enjoyed it! (”,)

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